Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner

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Sharpen your blade and embrace the role of a sword master in Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner. Immerse yourself in an action-packed world where each slice is a testament to your skill and precision. Dash through challenging levels, face hordes of enemies, and embark on an epic ninja journey filled with glory and fate. Sword Play! offers an offline gaming experience, ensuring the adventure never stops, even without an internet connection.


  • Intuitive slicing gameplay that puts your skills to the test.
  • Numerous challenging levels to conquer, each offering a unique experience.
  • Dive into an epic ninja adventure filled with action-packed samurai missions.
  • Battle waves of ninja assassins as you master the art of the sword.
  • Encounter a variety of enemies, from formidable samurai figures to fearsome warriors.
  • Enjoy a true offline gaming experience, perfect for on-the-go play.


Unity 2018, Unity 2019, Unity 2020, Unity 2021

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