3D Ball In Maze

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Embark on an engaging journey with BALL IN MAZE, a complete project template designed to assist you in creating an exciting casual game. Customize graphics and advertising IDs effortlessly to swiftly publish your creation on Google Play or the App Store. Packed with features like Admob and Unity Ads integration, this project is developed on the latest Unity version (2019.x), ensuring optimal performance across all mobile devices.


  • 65 Beautiful Levels: Navigate through a variety of meticulously designed levels, providing endless entertainment.

  • 3D Realistic Physics: Experience immersive gameplay with realistic physics that adds depth to your gaming experience.

  • Ball Variety: Choose from a selection of 15 different balls available in the in-game shop to enhance your gaming style.

  • Austere User Interface: Enjoy a clean and user-friendly design that enhances your overall gaming experience.

  • 2D Design and Easy Reskin: With a simple 2D design, the game is easy to reskin, allowing for personalized touches.

  • Admob and Unity Ads Integration: Monetize your game effortlessly with seamlessly integrated Admob (Interstitial and Banner) and Unity Ads (with a 100% fill rate for Admob).

  • Cross-Platform Support: Benefit from control support for both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring a wide audience reach.

  • Unity 2019.x: Developed on Unity's latest version (2019.x), guaranteeing high performance and compatibility.


Developed on Unity 2019.x.

Demo Apk:

Download the demo APK here.

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