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6Cash – Agent App is another most important module of the 6Cash Digital Wallet. Admin can manage Agents under his supervision and Agents will earn from the commissions when they will receive money from the customers. Also, an agent can transfer money to a customer.


- Please register Agents from the Admin panel for a better experience, One more thing, the demo database will reset 1 hours intervals. You can use any Agent from the Admin panel with 1234 Pin. 

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Change Log-

Version 4.0 – 08 June 2023
- Made the app compatible with flutter 3.x and null-safety
- Self-registration and self-delete added
- OTP hit count, login hit count, and temporary block if insert multiple time wrong information
- Performance improved and some major issues fixed
- Made the app compatible with Flutter 3.10.2
Version 3.1 – 9 April 2023
- Fixed charge related issues
- Compatible with main system version 3.1
- Fixed some other small issues
- Performance improvements
Version 3.0 – 02 February 2023
- Icon issues fixed
- Withdraw request history added
- Pending withdrawal amount is shown on the home page.
- Fixed some other small issues
- Make it compatible with the main system version 3.0
- Performance improved
Version 2.0 – 12 November 2022
- Withdraw request to admin from agent app by dynamic withdraw method
- Track agent device details in each login
- Block rest APIs without device ID
- Track VPN and block app using when turned on the VPN
- Make compatible with flutter version 3.3.7
- Fixed some other small issues
- Performance improved
Version 1.2 – 09 July 2022
- Fingerprint or face unlock managed by the device
- Proper profile image using Google vision 
- Extra identity data for future verification
- Fixed some other small issues
- Performance improved
Version 1.1 – 12 May 2022
- Fixed transaction issue
- Fixed some other known issues.
Version 1.0 – 21 April 2022
- Initial Release.

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