6valley Multi-Vendor E-commerce - Complete eCommerce Mobile App, Web, Seller and Admin Panel v14.1

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Dart, YAML, JavaScript JSON, .kotlin, .swift, JavaScript JS, CSS, LESS, Sass, PHP, HTML

6valley is a modern and flexible multi-vendor e-commerce system where you can organize multiple shops and stores such as digital stores, fashion stores, sports stores, home & living stores, health & beauty stores, and many others in one platform. In simple words, you’ll get All Things Under One Roof!

Business owners dealing with eCommerce, electronics shops, online shops, online delivery, order, and  Multi-vendor/Single-vendor online business will find this package to be extremely useful. You can offer your customers the best shopping experience with its mobile-optimized design.

This script is a clean and modern solution for online marketplaces. With a clean, trendy design, 6valley will make your online store more impressive and appealing. Enhance your customers’ ability to buy your products quickly by increasing your conversion rate.

PHP Laravel is used to develop both the Web frontend and Admin panel for 6valley. It will also be available on iOS and Android thanks to Flutter’s cross-platform development!

15+ Reasons to Buy 6valley:

  • A complete multi-vendor eCommerce system.
  • Easy to organize shops and stores under one e-Commerce system.
  • 2 SUPERB Web panels: Admin Panel & Seller panel. (Developed Using Laravel)
  • 3 mobile applications: User app, Seller app, and Deliveryman app. (Developed using Flutter, Please note the Deliveryman app is not included you need to purchase it separately)
  • Modern website. (Developed Using Laravel blade)
  • Multiple themes.
  • All the apps are available on PlayStore (Android) & AppStore (iOS).
  • Phenomenal features to enhance the multi-vendor online ordering and delivery system.
  • 100% responsive design to provide a great user experience.
  • An Admin Dashboard that holds everything together.
  • Managing customers at ease.
  • Constant development with regular updates.
  • Clean, well-structured and maintainable code
  • Active customer support to help.
  • Value for money system.
  • Flexible prices, no surprises!

After all, being said, 6valley can be your best option for controlling your eCommerce business effectively and getting the desired revenue.

N.B: The best way to test the system is to register as a customer and create a Deliveryman credential via the admin panel. Be aware that all demo data will be reset every 1 hour.

Well, do some downloading and browsing to test before moving forward!


Are you finished with it? How did it go? Still not on board? Well, you might miss any noteworthy features that you looked for. That being said, let’s have a look at all its remarkable features which you can definitely COUNT ON !

Remarkable Features of 6valley:

As per the previous statement, 6valley is jam-packed with outstanding features which can help you to make your online eCommerce business easier and smarter than ever before.

A Birds Eye View Admin Panel: 6valley’s admin dashboard holds everything for you to get a whole overview of your business. Your business analytics, admin wallet, earning statistics, top customers list, most popular/selling stores, most popular products, and top-selling products are all displayed in the admin panel dashboard. 

Easy Business Setup: From the admin panel’s business setup option, you can easily set your business up! You can configure your in-house shop along with the seller shop. You can do both types of business with 6valley.

You can set the default seller commission, turn on/off – seller registration, and POS, and select the business mode (Single Vendor vs Multi-Vendor). And the most important option is you can enable admin approval when any seller uploads any new products.

Customer alert settings, loyalty points, and refund days are all things you can set up from the admin panel’s business setup option.

Shipping Responsibility & Shipping Method: You can either do in-house shipping or seller-wise shipping. When you choose in-house shipping from the admin panel, all things will be handled by you, and vice-versa for seller shipping.

Choosing a shipping method is possible in three different ways:

  • Category wise
  • Order wise 
  • Product wise

Also, you can update the category shipping costs easily from the admin panel.

Digital & Physical Product: With 6valley, you can sell digital and physical products at a time. When you list any kind of these products, you need to select the type when you or your seller add the products in the shops or stores.

Billing Address in Checkout: You can turn on/off the billing address in the checkout from the admin panel. A billing address is a must needed for physical COD products.

Minimum Stock Limit Warning: You can set a minimum number in your minimum stock limit warning option so that once you cross the minimum number system can notify you that you’ll be out of stock very soon.

It’s All About 3rd Party APIs: All the 3rd party APIs have been integrated with the system such as SMS, mail, ReCaptcha, Google map, push notifications, and many more.

All Popular Payment Methods Integrated: Almost all the popular payment methods have been integrated with the system including SSLCOMMERZ, PayPal, stripe, Razorpay, senagPay, PayTabs, paystack, paymob accept, marcado pago, LIQPAY, Flutterwave, Paytm, bKash. Both digital payment and cash delivery are available with the system.

Pages & Media: 6valley comes with pages including terms and conditions, p[rivacy policy, about us, and FAQs so that business can be set up easily. It also has a social media integration feature and a gallery to handle all the media.

One-click Database Cleaning: In 6valley, you’ll get a feature called database cleaning from the system setup. Using this feature, you can clear all your system databases with one-click. Make sure you’re sure about your cleaning because there will be no option of getting the data back once you cleaned.

Business Promotion: With 6valley, you can easily promote your business. The Promotions section in the admin panel will allow you to do it. Using campaigns, banners, coupons, and push notifications you can take your marketing to a whole new level. Also, you’ll get an announcement section to set up any important notice on your shop.

Employee Management: The more your business grows, the more people you need to handle all things! That’s why 6valley comes with an Employee management section for you! You can add employees, and assign them particular roles to manage your business smoothly.

100% Responsive & Feature-packed App (Android & iOS): You will get the 6valley mobile app source code with this bundle. We developed this by flutter so the app can be usable on both android and iOS.

Built-in POS System: To execute online payments, POS service is now a must. And each online business is likely to pay extra for this. But with 6valley, you’ll be getting this service totally FREE of cost as it’s included in the bundle.

Amazing User Management: This management section has been classified into many different portions in the admin panel. For example, customer and seller management:

The customer management section comprises many things related to customers. From viewing customer lists, wallets, loyalty points, and subscribed emails to customer live chat; all are under one roof! Manage your customers effectively and GROW!

And in the seller management section, you’ll get the option of adding new sellers, viewing all the sellers, and withdrawing activities.

Delivery Man Management: You can add delivery men as many as you want and manage them effectively in the admin panel. For a delivery man, you’ll get an app by which you can operate your delivery system quite simply.

Multilingual Support: No matter in which country you’re in and want to operate your business, 6valley got your back here. It supports RTL and any language.

Help & Support (Best of the Best): Customers can directly message the admin or open a support ticket to get help with any queries. The support team is proactive all the time to help valuable customers.

In-house Product Management: You can easily list your in-house products (individually or in bulk). For bulk importing, you’ll need to download a product template file, fill it up and upload it. Done!

Seller Product Management: This is the most exciting part of the 6valley system. Once your seller adds any new products, you’ll be notified. After that, you can either deny or allow the product to list in the shops and stores.

Plus, if any seller put the delivery charge way more than the standard price, you’ll get an update in the Updated Products section. Undoubtedly, this option will be helpful for you to handle your business with credibility.

Reports & Analysis: From the admin panel section, you get all the reports to analyze everything.


  • Sales and transactions report: From this section, you can get the report of earning statistics, in-house sales, seller sales, order transactions, refund transactions.
  • Product report: This section display you the wishlisted products so that you can contact the customers and take steps accordingly.
  • Order report: To get an order report according to date this section will help you out.
  • Stock report: Using this option you can easily get the stock update of your products. You can filter the stocks with so many options.


All being mentioned, what do you think, is 6valley worth the money that you spend? Well, we would like to say, if it was not a “ Value for Money’ ’ then within this short period of time we couldn’t make this number of sales.

Change Log-

Version 14.1 – 13 October 2023

- Redesigned the user app and make it compatible with all web themes
- Made the app and web compatible with new payment and sms 
gateways addon
- Made the backend compatible with new lifestyle theme (Will release the front-end part as an addon)
- Partially compatible with React website (Will release as an addon)
- Add fund to wallet from user web and app
- Add fund bonus
- Guest checkout (Now customer can place an order with login/signup)
- Delivery/ Billing address edit option
- Minimum order amount managed by both admin and seller
- Free delivery over amount (If the order amount cross this value the delivery charge will be free)
- Reorder option from previous orders
- Managed Refer and earn (The customer will get the amount after referral customer’s first order successfully delivered)
- Dynamic url managed from admin for admin and admin's employee login
- Order delivery verification by image and OTP
- Apple login for user app
- Fixed translation related issues
- Fixed some small issues
- Made the apps compatible with flutter latest version 3.13.6

Version 14.0 – 14 June 2023

- New theme for user website named Aster url - https://6valley-aster.6amtech.com/
- Made the admin panel compatible with multi-theme
- Made the code compatible with PHP 8 and Laravel 8 
- Made the Flutter apps compatible with Flutter null-safety
- OTP and Login hit count and block for some time for unauthorized login
- Fixed some other small issues in the admin panel, web, and apps

Version 13.1 – 12 March 2023

- Lots of new reporting for orders, products, earnings, expenses, and transactions with clear details
- Search tag with the product to improve product search
- Product-wise tax includes or excludes option
- Seller vacation or temporary close option
- Fractional number compatible for the product price, tax, discount, and shipping charge.
- Dynamic withdraw request method created by the admin
- Offline payment option and show details in order details
- Color variation-wise dynamic image for the product
- Whatsapp chat option on the homepage
- Cookies permission managed for the user's website
- Invoice pdf improvement
- New pages with an on/off option
- Payment gateways button managed from the app and redirect to the specific gateway
- Update some payment gateway 
- Fixed some issues
- Performance improved
- Compatible with Flutter's latest version 3.7.6

Version 13.0 – 14 January 2023

- Fully redesigned and lots of new features in the seller app
- Coupon improvement and new variations
- New pages for Refund, Cancellation & Return policy
- Fixed some small issues
- Performance improved

Version 12.2 – 10 December 2022

- Changed lots of design and responsive-related issues in the user website
- Fixed some issues in the apps and backend
- Compatible with flutter 3.3.9

Version 12.1 – 22 November 2022

- Compatible with the new delivery man app
- Show and manage delivery man's withdrawal requests in both admin and seller panels.
- Can see delivery man's chatting in admin and seller panel.
- Country and zip code wise delivery restriction
- Seller self-account delete option from the seller app
- Fixed issues
- Query optimized and performance improved
- Compatible with flutter 3.3.8

Version 12.0 – 12 October 2022

- Complete redesigned and reorganized admin and seller panel
- Compatible with Digital products with on/off option
- Brand option on/off from the admin panel
- Seller registration from the seller app
- Fixed issues
- Query optimized and performance improved
- Compatible with flutter 3.3.3

Version 11.0 – 16 August 2022

 - Customer self delete account from App and Web.
- Minimum quantity set for add to cart (Product wise)
- Barcode Generate for a Product.
- Push notification resend feature.
- Data Filtering in transactions
- Improved lots of features in admin and user app.
- Performance optimization 
- Issue fixed in both Web Panels, User App

Version 10.0 hotfix – 21 June 2022

 - Fix guest login issue in app with some other small fixing

Version 10.0 – 12 June 2022

 - Wallet system for user app
- Loyalty point for order
- New design for seller app
- Fixed issues for the admin panel, user app, and seller app

Version 9.0 – 15 May 2022

 - New design for user website and app.
- Improved design for admin and seller panel
- Recapture in contact us page
- Made billing address optional
- Performance optimization 
- Issue fixed in both Web Panels, User App
- No change in seller and delivery man app

Version 8.0 – 22 March 2022

 - Multiple shipping method (Order wise, category wise and product wise) delivery managed by admin or seller wise.
- Dynamic decimal point
- Category priority for frontend view
- New order confirmation mail template.
- Admin can add seller from admin panel
- Delivery method type( In house delivery man and third party delivery service)
- Product approval dynamic(for new product and shipping cost updated).
- Performance optimization 
- Issue fixed in both Web Panels, User & Seller Apps

Version 7.1 – 03 March 2022

- Refund module approval managed by admin and seller
- Business mode change to single vendor
- Discounted product menu hide or show based discounted product
- Database clean and Environment change
- Make compatible the apps to the latest flutter version 2.10.2
- Performance optimization 
- Issue fixed in both Web Panels, User & Seller Apps

Version 7.0 – 05 February 2022

- POS system integrated in both Admin and Seller panel access managed by admin.
- Payment system integrated paytm & liqpay.
- Performance optimization 
- Issue fixed in both Web Panels, User & Seller Apps

Version 6.0 – 18 January 2022

- Compatible with delivery man app (Not released yet)
- Image Gallery
- New payment gateway -> Paymob, PayTabs, Flutterwave, MercadoPago
- Order note when checkout
- Billing address
- Delivery address from google map
- Stock limit checker and update stock variation wise
- Discounted products section
- Announcement section
- Push notification in seller app
- Invoice and some other issues fixed
- Banner's onclick redirect to in app category, product details or brands
- UI and performance improvement 

Version 5.2 – 22 November 2021

- bKash payment gateway integrated
- Performance optimized especially on the home page
- Forgot password verification by phone or email
- Multi-Currency handled and seller can’t change currency 
- Fixed some minor issues in the user and seller app
- Fixed some designed issue in both web and apps 

Version 5.1 – 31 October 2021

- Fixed GST number issue
- Add multi-language option in some features
- Fixed translation issues
- Fixed suspended seller showing issue
- Dynamic pagination for some pages
- Fixed product add and update issue in seller app
- Fixed some other issues in the user and seller app
- Random product for category wise products on home page
- UI and performance improvement 

Version 5.0 – 20 October 2021

Important Note: We changed the shipping method to seller wise and for every seller in the cart, the system will create a separate order 
please keep note of these before updating to 5.0
- Seller wise shipping method
- Seller wise order create
- Seller details in admin panel
- Seller product approval option by admin
- Order transaction details
- OTP verification for mobile number
- Order delivery verification by code when delivered
- Search functionality in all tables in the admin and seller panel
- Multi-language data translation for the web
- RTL support for web and admin
- Updated report and some new reports in the dashboard
- Single and multi-currency option when installation
- Dynamic loader in website
- Fixed role management issue
- Add category wise product section in user app homepage
- Product and shipping method add in seller app
- Store user wise cart data in the database
- Seller wallet details in seller panel
- GST number for seller with turn on/off
- Update invoice design and support all language
- Fixed some other major issues
- Performance improvement

Version 4.0 – 18 August 2021

Admin/ Seller Panel
- UI/UX Improvement
- New reporting in Dashboard
- Manageable currency symbol left/right.
- Maintenance Mode
- Send email to the seller for a new order
- Custom SEO data for product
- Note add option in seller withdraw etc.
Web Site
- UI/UX Improvement
- New sections on the homepage
- Category wise product section on the homepage
- Improved seller details page
- Seller search option
- Variation/Color wise product add problem fixed
- Fixed some bugs
User App
- Variation/Color wise product add problem fixed
- Update to Target API level 30
- Support ticket reply option fixed
- Currency symbol(Left/Right) direction managed by admin
- Variation showing problem fixed in order details
No change in seller app.

Version 3.2 – 15 July 2021

- Seller forgot password
- Seller Active/Inactive option
- Fix some major bugs in the Admin panel, Seller panel, and Website
- No change in the User and Seller app

Version 3.1 – 8 July 2021

- New payment gateway PayStack, Senang Pay
- Product bulk import and export
- Multi-language for the product, category, sub category & sub sub category(Only for the app)
- Inhouse product sale report
- Seller product sale report
- Product stock report
- Product in wishlist report
- Customer blocking system
- Individual commission for the seller 
- Privacy Policy page
- Fixed some major issues
- Performance improvement
- Security updated
- No change in seller app

Version 3.0 – 5 June 2021

- Seller App
- Seller registration on/off
- Fix some major issues
- Design improvement
- Performance improvement

Version 2.0 – 21 April 2021

- Stock Management
- Fix some issues
- Performance improvement

Version 1.0 – 6 April  2021

- Initial Release.

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