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Unlock endless creative possibilities in the world of genetic exploration with our game - a fun and entertaining experience that combines the babes of various animals and everyday objects! Delve into the excitement of discovering unique combinations through an advanced algorithm, creating surprising and amusing results.


  • Diverse Animal Forms: Encounter a plethora of animal forms, ranging from dinosaurs and sharks to cats, dogs, and lizards.

  • Unique Appearances and Powers: Each animal boasts distinctive appearances, characteristics, and powers, adding to the excitement of every mix.

  • Intelligent AI: Witness the magic of a clever AI that surprises you with each creative result.

  • Experimentation Galore: Conduct numerous experiments to explore the fascinating outcomes of various animal combinations.

  • Completed Game Design: Comprehensive design covering gameplay, sound, effects, and animation.

  • Ads Monetization: Monetize your game effortlessly with integrated ads.

  • Sound Effects: Enjoy included sound effects with the option to mute sounds within the game.

  • Multiple Screen Sizing: Compatible with most mobile devices through multiple screen sizing options.

  • Clean Code and Projects: Professional and clean code for easy modification and understanding.

  • Easy Reskin: Simple and attractive design with easy reskinning for all platforms.

  • Developer-Friendly: New developer-friendly features for smooth game development.

  • Increasing Gameplay Difficulty: Experience a gradual increase in gameplay difficulty for added challenge.

  • Key System: Implement a key system to enhance the gaming experience.

  • Responsive UI: A responsive user interface that adapts seamlessly to different devices.

  • Unity Version Support: Compatible with Unity 2019 or higher, supporting 64-bit builds and Android App Bundle (AAB).


Developed on Unity 2020 and Unity 2021, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance across various devices.

Demo Link:

Explore the game now! Download the demo APK here and dive into the world of genetic mixing and matching.

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