Alien Galaxy Shooter

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Immerse yourself in an intergalactic adventure with Alien Galaxy Shooter – a complete project template designed to effortlessly create an engaging casual game. With the ability to customize graphics and advertising IDs, you can swiftly publish your creation on Google Play or the App Store. This project boasts a range of features, including Admob and Unity Ads integration, ensuring optimal performance across all mobile device generations. Developed on the latest Unity version (2019.x), Alien Galaxy Shooter guarantees high performance and compatibility.


  • Easy to Play, Hard to Master: Utilize touch screen controls to navigate and eliminate enemies in this challenging space war.

  • Upgradeable Spaceships: Collect items to enhance your spaceships or switch weapons during the intense space battle.

  • Air Strike Battle: Engage in the best air strike battle, featuring open sky ace combat gameplay and stunning war games graphics.

  • Beauty in 2D: Experience captivating 2D design with easy reskinning options, allowing for a visually appealing game.

  • Admob and Unity Ads Integration: Monetize your game seamlessly with integrated Admob (Interstitial) and Unity Ads (with a 100% fill rate for Admob).

  • Cross-Platform Support: Enjoy control support for both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring a broad audience reach.


Unity 2019.x

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