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Embark on an adrenaline-pumping mission in "Flag Attack" – the #1 Attack game in the App Store! Your objective is clear: bring the flag home by attacking the enemy's base. Channel your inner flag maker, launch strategic attacks, and swiftly steal the enemy's flag to become the ultimate champion.


  • Flag Making Mastery: Take on the role of the flag maker in your team, crafting your strategy for victory.
  • Strategic Attacks: Launch powerful attacks on the enemy's base to secure the coveted flag.
  • Quick-Thinking Gameplay: Time is of the essence – be quick and steal the enemy's flag before they can react.
  • Competition for Supremacy: Rise through the ranks and become the best in this intense flag-capturing competition.
  • The Game Uses Fake Multiplayer Bots


Developed on Unity 2022, "Flag Attack" ensures cutting-edge performance and a seamless gaming experience.

Demo Apk:

Experience the thrill firsthand! Download the demo APK for "Flag Attack" here and prove your flag-capturing skills in this top-rated Attack game on the App Store!

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