Box Simulator for Brawl Stars

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Box Simulator for Brawl Stars offers Brawl Stars fans an exhilarating experience by bringing the excitement of unboxing and collecting in-game items to life. Created by passionate Brawl Stars enthusiasts, this Unity game provides a captivating simulation of the thrill of discovering treasures within the Brawl Stars universe.


  • Realistic Unboxing Experience: Experience the excitement of opening Brawl Boxes with realistic animations and sound effects that immerse you in the unboxing process.
  • Extensive Collection of Items: Dive into a vast array of Brawl Stars items, including brawlers, skins, power points, and more, mirroring the diverse rewards available in the game.
  • Interactive User Interface: Navigate effortlessly through the simulator with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing for seamless box openings and collection management.
  • Reward Progression System: Advance through the game with a rewarding progression system that keeps you engaged and motivated to unlock more treasures.
  • Ads Powered by GleyPlugin: Experience seamless integration of advertisements, powered by GleyPlugin, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.


Unity 2018.4.30

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