Bravest Avengers

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The game boasts impressive 2D graphics that vividly depict each character's unique abilities and transformations. These transformations not only enhance their strength but also alter their form.

Additionally, the game offers a comprehensive system for leveling up and upgrading various attributes such as strength, skills, range, and energy.

Players can choose from four different character classes: Warrior, Magic, Archer, and Dragon. The Warrior is armed with a destructive sword and has formidable combat skills. The Magic class unleashes arrow storms on enemies, while the Archer possesses mysterious powers that can decimate monsters with fireballs. Finally, the Dragon class allows players to summon a dragon to annihilate anything in its path.

Other features of the game include cross-platform compatibility, in-app purchases, UnityAds, and Admob integration.

● Nice 2D Graphics, wonderful describe real and excellent skills of each character

● The transformation of characters not only help to increase strength but also change the shape.

● Great Up-level, Great upgrade strength, skills, range, energy,… system.

Warrior – Have strength from a sword with destroy skills.

Magic – Attack the enemy with arrow storms

Archer – Mystery strength, exterminate monster by fire balls

Dragon – Recall Dragon, destroy everything on the road.

Features and Requirements

● Source code was made in Unity 3D

● Cross platform

● Included IAP's

● UnityAds

● Admob

Apk to test -

Original - 104 usd

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