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Dive into a thrilling fusion of Pokémon and vampire survival in our unique game! Escape, survive, and capture Pokémon while fending off menacing goblins as the ultimate goblin hunter. Improve your character's abilities, explore the map, and evolve your Katkamon by defeating goblins. Experience Pokémon-style animations combined with goblin-hunting mechanics for an exhilarating survival adventure.


  • Unique Gameplay Fusion: Blend of Pokémon and vampire survival mechanics.
  • Capture & Evolve: Catch various Katkamons and evolve them by defeating goblins.
  • Character Progression: Enhance your character’s speed, luck, and health for better survival odds.
  • Explore Diverse Maps: Each Katkamon has unique features requiring exploration.
  • Adaptive Enemies: Face off against increasingly challenging goblins as you progress.
  • Engaging Animations: Enjoy Pokémon-style animations that bring your Katkamons to life.
  • AdMob Support: Monetize your game with integrated AdMob ads.
  • Firebase Analytics: Track user engagement and performance with Firebase analytics.


Unity 2022.3

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