Citadel Defense: Alien Onslaught

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Citadel Defense: Alien Onslaught delivers an immersive tower defense experience, offering captivating tactics and strategies to fend off extraterrestrial invaders. Set in the year 2850, as intergalactic travel becomes commonplace, humanity faces a dire threat from creatures seeking energy from organic matter. As these aliens wreak havoc, humanity must unite, developing new weapons and strategies to combat the invasion. Join the alliance of mankind and defend Earth against the onslaught of sinister extraterrestrial beings.


  • Various Weapons and Upgrade System: Access a wide array of weapons and utilize a massive upgrade system to enhance your defensive strategy.
  • Abundant Strategic Defense System: Utilize a diverse range of defense mechanisms to combat the alien onslaught, including: 
    • LAA (Landmine Anti-Alien): Deploy landmines to destroy enemy troops over a large area.
    • BAA (Bombs Anti-Alien): Utilize bombs to create a magnetic field and eliminate enemy forces within a wide range.
    • IAA (Ice-Anti-Alien): Freeze formidable creatures with ultra-cold airflow generated by this weapon.
    • A/G (Air-to-Ground): Employ an air-to-ground fighting alliance with aircraft carrying nuclear bombs to decimate enemy forces.
    • Flame Destroy: Emit intense heat to incinerate any creature that crosses its path.
    • Megagun-Nuclear Artillery: Unleash self-propelled artillery armed with nuclear warheads to annihilate enemies across unlimited range.

With its stunning graphics and dynamic gameplay, Citadel Defense: Alien Onslaught guarantees a satisfying experience for tower defense enthusiasts.


  • Regular Version: Unity 2018
  • Updated Version: Unity 2022


Update 10-02-2024

  • Updated to Unity 2022
  • Bug Fixes

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