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Citadel Defense: Alien Onslaught 2

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Prepare for an immersive strategy experience with Citadel Defense: Alien Onslaught 2. As the war against alien creatures rages on, brace yourself for new challenges and enhanced graphics, promising heightened flexibility and enjoyment in defense gaming. Dive into an array of tactics that will test your strategic skills, backed by a formidable arsenal of weapons to conquer even the toughest adversaries. Encounter diverse terrains, including artificial landscapes, for a fresh and exhilarating defense encounter against sudden and overwhelming alien attacks.


  • Various Weapons and Advanced Systems: Equip yourself with a diverse range of weapons and an advanced system to enhance your defensive strategy.
  • Diverse Defense Strategy System:
    • LAA-2 (Landmine Anti-Alien 2): Obliterate enemy troops with strategically placed landmines.
    • BAA-2 (Bombs Anti-Alien 2): Utilize magnetic bombs to eliminate enemies over a wide range.
    • IAA-2 (Ice-Anti-Alien 2): Quickly freeze formidable creatures using cold air emissions.
    • A/G-2 (Air-to-Ground 2): Deploy aircraft equipped with nuclear bombs to decimate enemy forces.
    • Flame Destroy-2: Engulf enemies in intense heat, leaving no survivors.
    • Megagun-Nuclear Artillery-2: Unleash nuclear warheads with unlimited range, annihilating enemies.
    • Wheel Reaper (W-R): Employ stylish wheels to vanquish adversaries with finesse.
    • A-Bomb Storm (A-B-S): Launch storm bombs for swift, devastating attacks.


  • Regular Version: Unity 2018
  • Updated Version: Unity 2022


Update 10-02-2024

  • Updated to Unity 2022
  • Bug Fixes

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