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Welcome to Clash Masters, a hypercasual mobile game that has proven its success by consistently ranking in the iOS App Store Top Free Games category. In this game, players lead an army of stickmen, engaging in battles, overcoming enemies, and striving to reach the finish line in each level. The addictive gameplay involves growing the army, purchasing upgrades, and navigating through colored doors. Clash Masters boasts various skins and allows players to customize their army's color, offering a visually engaging and entertaining experience.


  • Admob & Unity Ads Integration (Banner, Interstitial, Rewarded Video) - You have the flexibility to choose the ad strategy that suits your preferences.
  • Cool SFX with optional mute functionality for player convenience.
  • In-Game Shop featuring 9 different skins for enhanced personalization.
  • Army Upgrade System to increase the size and capabilities of the stickman army.
  • Popping Colors and a Player Color Wheel for added visual appeal.
  • Stairs Finish Bonus Line for unique challenges and rewards.
  • Customizable Coin System to provide in-game currency for upgrades.
  • Haptic Feedback for a more immersive gaming experience.
  • Settings Popup for convenient adjustments according to player preferences.


Unity 2019, Unity 2020, Unity 2021

Demo Apk:

Clash Masters APK

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