Color Bars

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Introducing "Color Bars," a complete Unity game designed for both entertainment and learning purposes. Dive into a colorful world where timing and precision are key to success.


  • Ad Integration: Includes both Admob and Unity Ads for monetization
  • Endless Gameplay: Enjoy a continuous level with increasing difficulty
  • Color Matching: Hit bars matching the player's color; collision with different colors results in game over
  • Score System: Track your score and aim for the highscore
  • Skin Options: Choose from three basic skins and customize your gaming experience
  • Color & Skin Changing Systems: Easily switch between colors and skins
  • Sound & Music: Includes background music by Eric Matyas and sound effects from
  • Clean C# Scripts: Well-commented scripts for easy understanding and modification
  • Easy Customization: Modify the game effortlessly to suit your preferences
  • Basic Menu: User-friendly menu for easy navigation
  • Responsive UI: Optimized for both mobile and desktop devices
  • Text Mesh Pro Support: Compatible with Text Mesh Pro for enhanced text rendering


Unity 2018.2.13

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