Crime Wars of San Andreas – Unity GTA Game

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Immerse yourself in Crime Wars of San Andreas, an open-world crime life simulator. Assume the role of a charismatic gangster within a formidable criminal organization. Your mission: vanquish rival gangsters, cleanse the city of the mafia's influence, and establish your dominance. Explore freely, drive an array of vehicles, and unleash chaos on the streets. Utilize minimaps to discover weapons and essential items, adding strategic depth to your pursuit of goals or simply indulging in chaotic fun. With six districts to reclaim, each offering a unique vehicle and weapon, restore order and reign supreme.


  • Diverse Arsenal: Arm yourself with pistols, shotguns, and rocket launchers for intense combat.
  • Variety of Vehicles: Control an extensive range of vehicles, from sports cars to taxis, buses, and firetrucks.
  • Wave System: Experience random enemy encounters, ensuring each gameplay is unique.
  • Traffic System: Navigate through realistic AI-controlled traffic and pedestrians.
  • City Generator: Generate a new city with a single click, keeping the experience fresh and unpredictable.
  • Unlockable Levels: Progress through the game with a menu featuring unlockable levels.
  • Admob Ads Integration: Monetize your gaming experience seamlessly with integrated Admob Ads.


Unity 2021.2.7

Demo APK:

Download Demo Apk


Refer to the included Setup.pdf file for detailed setup instructions.

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