Death City : Zombie Invasion Unity Source Code

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The virus outbreak has caused a sudden mutation accident, transforming P City from a peaceful town into a paradise for the dead and a forbidden place for the living. You will step into the shoes of a survivor, armed with a weapon, and forge a path to survival for yourself and your companions. Cooperation is essential as you and your two companions navigate through dangerous tasks, each struggling to stay alive.

Fortunately, this isn't a hopeless situation. Utilize the DNA of zombies to enhance your abilities and unlock powerful weapons, becoming braver and stronger with each battle. Upgrade your weapons and gear after each encounter to keep up with the increasing challenges.

Explore diverse environments including cities, rainforests, ruins, and highways, each offering a unique experience and new challenges. Adapt and overcome, as only the strong will survive. Wage war against the zombie hordes, baptizing them in a torrent of iron and rage. While God may have forgotten to forgive the sins of the zombies, it’s up to us to cleanse the world ourselves.


  • Play as a survivor with two companions in a post-apocalyptic world
  • Utilize zombie DNA to enhance abilities and unlock stronger weapons
  • Upgrade weapons and gear after each battle
  • Explore diverse and complex environments: cities, rainforests, ruins, highways
  • Experience new challenges and opportunities in every scene
  • Engage in cooperative gameplay essential for survival
  • Face increasing difficulty as you progress, ensuring the gameplay remains engaging and challenging


Unity 2019.4.35f1

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