Drawer Super Racer

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Drawer Super Racer is a thrilling racing game where you draw your way to victory. Inspired by Draw Climber, this game challenges players to draw their legs to navigate through obstacles and win the race. With endless possibilities, any drawing can make you run, and you can redraw to collect superpowers or overcome obstacles. Get ready to publish your own version of this addictive game and test it with the provided demo APK.


  • Ads Implemented: Monetize your game with integrated ads.
  • AdMob Ready: Easily change AdMob IDs to start earning revenue.
  • Pre-Made Levels: Enjoy pre-made levels with an Unlimited mode for continuous gameplay.
  • Different Themes: Explore various world colors and themes.
  • Super Powers: Collect superpowers to enhance your gameplay.
  • Shop System: Unlock new characters and shoes using in-game currency.
  • Draw Any Shape: Draw any shape to navigate obstacles and progress in the game.
  • Cool and Nice Design: Enjoy visually appealing graphics and design.
  • Suitable for All Ages: Fun and engaging gameplay suitable for players of all ages.
  • Easy Setup: Simply import the provided Unity package and follow the instructions to set up your game project.


Unity 2020

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