Elite Ops Unity Multiplayer FPS Shooter For Android & iOS

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Embark on a thrilling multiplayer first-person shooter experience with Elite Ops Unity. Dominate Android, iOS, and various platforms in real-time multiplayer battles. Powered by Photon 2 for multiplayer, PlayFab for data storage, and Unity IAP System for in-app purchases, this Unity 2018.3 masterpiece guarantees an error-free adventure.


  • Real-Time Multiplayer With Bots: Engage in intense battles with real-time multiplayer functionality complemented by challenging AI bots.

  • 5 Game Modes: Choose from Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Capture The Flag, Gun Game, and Bomb Defuse to tailor your combat experience.

  • 3 Maps: Explore diverse battlegrounds including Street, Pattaya, and Venice, each offering unique challenges.

  • 10 Weapons with Healing Stim Shot: Arm yourself with a variety of weapons, including Knife, MAC-10, MP5, M590, AKM, SG556, M249, SKS, M40A3, and Frag Grenade, along with a healing stim shot.

  • 4 Grenades: Strategically deploy Frag, Smoke, Stun, and Impact Grenades to gain a tactical advantage.

  • Tutorial System: A comprehensive tutorial system guides new players, ensuring they quickly adapt to the fast-paced action.

  • Modern Designed UI: Enjoy a sleek and modern UI designed for seamless gaming across all platforms.

  • Friend System: Connect with friends, build alliances, and enhance the multiplayer experience.

  • Class & Weapon Customization: Personalize your gameplay with class and weapon customization options.

  • Random Crates & Customizable Items: Discover random crates and customize your items, banners, kill messages, and emotes for a unique identity.

  • Booster System: Unlock and utilize boosters to gain advantages on the battlefield.

  • Highly Optimized for Low-End Devices: Experience high-quality graphics and performance, even on low-end devices.

  • Google Play Login & Admob Ads Support: Seamlessly log in through Google Play and enjoy Admob Ads support for added features.

  • KillStreak System: Achieve 8 powerful KillStreaks, including Scan Drone, Recon Aircraft, Counter UAV, Weapon Crates, Air Strike, Attack Heli, Sentry Turret, and EMP Strike.

  • Minimap System: Utilize the minimap system for enemy visibility, teammate tracking, and strategic awareness.


Unity 2018

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