Empires and Dragons: Legendary Puzzle RPG

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Welcome to Empires and Dragons: Legendary Puzzle RPG, a groundbreaking match-3 puzzle RPG game that lets you collect powerful mercenaries and build the ultimate team! Dive into a world of adventure and strategic battles as you embark on a quest to restore peace to the kingdom.


  • Unique Match-3 Gameplay: Experience a new concept in match-3 puzzle RPGs with engaging gameplay mechanics.
  • Collect Powerful Mercenaries: Gather mercenaries with unique abilities and personalities to form your dream team.
  • Strategic Team Building: Strategically assemble your team of mercenaries to optimize their strengths and abilities.
  • Combo System: Utilize combo moves by matching puzzles to aid your mercenaries in battle.
  • Epic Battles: Engage in thrilling battles against dragons and enemies to bring peace back to the kingdom.


Unity 2019.2.10f1


Please note that this source code does not include server files, which means that certain elements within the game cannot be modified (levels and some other things). Thank you for your understanding.

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