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 Dive into a deep-ocean experience, catching magnificent species of fish and creatures in an eco-friendly way. With stunning deep-sea graphics, immersive music, and captivating sound effects, Fishing Diary provides a pleasant and engaging gaming experience. Aim and shoot your multi-level power nets to catch fish, earn Gold and XP, and unleash a special Laser Gun to annihilate difficult creatures like sharks when your Cannon’s Power Gauge is full. Fishing Diary will keep you glued to the screen!


  • 10 Varieties of Sea Creatures: Catch a wide range of colorful and unique sea creatures.
  • 9 Levels of Cannons and Nets: Choose from 9 powerful Cannons with different sizes and ranges. Use smaller nets for smaller fish and larger nets for bigger prey.
  • Super Laser Gun: Unlock a special Laser Gun for powerful attacks.
  • Aquarium Mode: Enjoy a serene aquarium mode for a relaxing experience.
  • High-Quality Graphics and Sound: Enjoy the latest technology in graphics, music, and sound effects for an immersive gameplay experience.


Unity 2017

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