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Embark on an epic adventure with Frontier Wars, an offline strategy game that combines tower defense with unique gameplay. As a hero defending your kingdom against dark forces, you must build, upgrade, summon troops, and strategically lead your army to victory.


  • Distinct Tower Defense Gameplay: Unlike other strategy games, Frontier Wars offers a unique tower defense experience. Take control of a hero and summon troops to defend your castle against hordes of monsters, including zombies, orcs, and demons.

  • Build, Upgrade, Summon, and Defend: Choose from three ancient kingdoms - human, gods, or elements - each with its own powers and troops. Upgrade your army, summon guardians, and fortify your defenses to repel enemy attacks.

  • Summon Heroes and Use Magic Items: Unleash the power of special heroes tailored for each battle. Time your hero summonings right to unleash their ultimate abilities. Utilize magic support items strategically to combat the darkness threatening your kingdom.

  • Offline Tactical TD Gameplay: Enjoy Frontier Wars anytime, anywhere, as it's an offline game that doesn't require network or Wi-Fi connectivity. Immerse yourself in tactical battles without limitations.

  • Legendary Heroes and Guardians: Choose from five legendary heroes to lead your army, and enlist the aid of over 20 guardians in your battles. Each hero and guardian brings unique strengths to the battlefield.

  • Diverse Kingdoms and Challenging Levels: Select your kingdom wisely from the three available: human, gods, or elements. Navigate through 60 challenging levels, facing over 30 types of monsters and 10+ formidable bosses that constantly threaten your kingdom.

  • Epic Mission System and Daily Challenges: Engage in an epic mission system and daily challenges, adding depth and variety to your gaming experience.


Unity 2022

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Update 06-02-2024

  • Updated to Unity 2022
  • Bug Fixes

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