Gangster Fight Vegas Crime Survival Simulator

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Play as a dangerous criminal in this action-packed game set in the vibrant city of Vegas. Take on the role of a young criminal plotting robberies with your gang while navigating through chaotic streets filled with gangsters, street fighters, and cops. Arm yourself, aim precisely, and eliminate all enemies in your path.


  • Open-world gameplay set in a sprawling city environment
  • Variety of vehicles: over 40 cars, 10 boats, motorcycles, and ATVs
  • Arsenal of weapons: includes more than 15 types, from machine guns to RPGs
  • Equipable items: body armor and parachute for added protection and mobility
  • Diverse locations: explore 18 houses and 16 types of businesses
  • Encounter different gangs and navigate through their territories
  • Access various shops: auto shops, weapons shops, and banks



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