Jump Up: Scale Man Run

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"Jump Up: Scale Man Run" offers an endless and dynamic adventure set in a vivid, colorful world. Take on the role of Scale Man and embark on a motivating journey where precision and agility are essential for success.


  • Size Adjustment Skill: Scale Man can instantly adjust its size, allowing players to overcome obstacles, leap over pits, and navigate through tight spaces with precision.
  • On-the-Road Challenges: Encounter a variety of obstacles, including intricate puzzles and unexpected traps, to test your quick wit and clever size adjustments.
  • Boosters: Utilize various booster items scattered along the path to aid Scale Man in the relentless run, optimizing distance and reaching the finish line faster.
  • Skins and Pets: Customize your Scale Man character with vibrant skins and enjoy the companionship of adorable pets throughout the journey, enhancing both aesthetics and gameplay experience.


Unity 2020, Unity 2021

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