Illuminati Adventure

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Embark on a clicker adventure and rise to become an Illuminati Magnate in this incremental idle realm! Begin your journey by clearing streets and investing your hard-earned cash into a humble lemonade stand. Progress through the incremental idle game, evolving from a small entrepreneur to constructing the New World Order. Upgrade your lemonade stand to a massive idle factory, advance in your career, and impress the Illuminati lords with your capitalistic success.


  • Advance in Your Career:

    • Increase your income by securing more profitable jobs.
    • Collect passive bonuses for your idle incorporations.
    • Infiltrate the Illuminati organization to boost your cash income.
  • Upgrade Your Business:

    • Level up your idle business into factories or cash incorporations.
    • Tap on businesses for info on upcoming idle bonuses.
    • Explore the upgrade section for enhancements to your favorite investments.
  • Tap for Cash:

    • Tap to work faster, akin to a clicker game.
    • Boost your idle business income multiplier.
    • Strive to become a billionaire tycoon.
  • Engage in Evil Business:

    • Accumulate wealth through shady dealings and become an evil billionaire.
    • Shift focus from the lemonade stand to more lucrative quick cash ventures.
    • Exploit war conflicts to amass your fortune.
  • Genetic Improvements:

    • Collect Illuminati Tokens to transform into a modified capitalist magnate.
    • Choose the best skills to boost your idle incorporation profits.
    • Evolve into a money factory through genetic enhancements.
  • Earn Prestige Points:

    • Collect prestige and ascend to the status of a capitalist tycoon.
    • Strategically spend your prestige points.
    • Transform your idle city into a capitalistic kingdom.
  • Illuminati Adventure:

    • Serve your first lemonade, invest in companies, and ascend to become a billionaire magnate.
    • Uncover capitalism secrets to amass wealth and rise in prestige.
    • Someday, the Illuminati will extend an invitation for you to join them.


Unity 2022

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