Knight Jumper

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Embark on a captivating journey through a tale of bravery and determination in "Knight Jumper." Once upon a time, a king's soldier aspired to become a knight and faced the daunting challenge of rescuing the kidnapped princess. In a kingdom where the princess symbolized the highest throne and ultimate protection, enemies sought to exploit her power. As the princess was abducted, our ordinary soldier, driven by unwavering determination, sets out on a mission to save her, defying the odds and relying solely on his own confidence and strength.


  • Heroic Narrative: Immerse yourself in a heroic narrative as an ordinary soldier transforms into a knight on a mission to rescue the kidnapped princess.

  • Royal Challenge: Navigate the challenges of fighting against enemies who have abducted the princess, the kingdom's ultimate symbol of power.

  • Solo Mission: Embark on a solo mission, demonstrating the knight's courage and determination to save the princess without assistance from the royal staff.

  • Belief in Self: Witness the knight's unwavering belief in himself, confidently striving to swiftly rescue the princess from the clutches of the enemy.


Unity 2021

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