Knight Toon Racer

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Immerse yourself in the ultimate crazy source code to create a racing game, built with the powerful Unity Engine. Take on exciting challenges in astonishingly fun races, collect gold to upgrade your super space racer, and conquer various tracks filled with obstacles and surprises. With daily tasks, achievements, and unique heroes, this game offers endless entertainment for racing enthusiasts.


  • Exciting Challenge Mode: Test your racing skills in thrilling races and win gold to upgrade your super space racer.
  • Daily Tasks and Achievements: Complete daily tasks and achievements to unlock new heroes with special talents.
  • Variety of Heroes: Choose from a selection of heroes, each with unique abilities to help you beat opponents and overcome obstacles.
  • Master the Tracks: Explore diverse racetracks, stunt roads, air courses, and cross-country races in the engaging Story Mode.
  • Special Powers: Utilize unique special powers to outmaneuver opponents and secure victory.
  • Daily Races: Participate in daily races and discover hidden gift boxes on the track.
  • Mini-Games: Enjoy two mini-games, Fortune Wheel and Golden Egg, for added entertainment.
  • Multiple Ship Spaces: Access five different ship spaces to enhance your racing experience.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Play on both Android and iOS devices for maximum accessibility.
  • Stunning Visual Effects: Experience great effects using particle systems for immersive gameplay.
  • Easy to Re-skin: Customize the game effortlessly to suit your preferences.
  • Google Admob Integration: Monetize your game with Google Admob ads.
  • In-App Purchases: Offer in-app purchases for additional content and features.
  • Multiple Screen Resolutions: Supports various screen resolutions for seamless gameplay experience.


Unity 2022

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