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Dive into the world of Latto Latto, a trending game that brings the virtual version of the popular Latto Latto Toy to life. Collect coins through clacking, unlock numerous skins, set high scores, and share the excitement with friends.

How to Play:

  • Open the game
  • Press "Play" to start
  • Hold the Tek Tek or Latto Latto handle and swing up, down, or side
  • Score points when the ball collides


  • Completed game design, including sound, effects, gameplay, full resources, and animations
  • Ads monetization for added revenue
  • Inclusive sound effects with an option to mute
  • Multiple screen sizing for optimal mobile device compatibility
  • Professional and clean code for easy customization
  • Simple and attractive interface
  • Easy reskinning across all platforms
  • New developer-friendly
  • Increasing gameplay difficulty for a challenging experience
  • Key system for enhanced functionality
  • Responsive UI for seamless navigation
  • Compatibility with both mobile and desktop platforms
  • Support for Unity 2019 or higher
  • Support for build 64Bit, API 29
  • Support for building Android App Bundle (AAB)


Unity 2019, Unity 2020, Unity 2021

Demo Apk:

Experience the Latto Latto adventure firsthand with our demo apk. Download Here and discover the thrill of collecting coins and setting high scores in this dynamic virtual game.

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