Let's Kill Jeff The Killer Ch4

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Welcome to the new Jeff The Killer Adventure.

This time you can play as Soldier or as Jeff The Killer.

Soldier Story:

You and your battlegroup are sent to investigate
abandoned town. There are rumors that a Killer
is living there.
Find 8 of his Rusty Knifes and try to kill him.
Good Luck!

Jeff The Killer Story:

Soldiers came. They will hunt me...
I need to fight back.
Fight the soldiers and find 8 hearts so you can
open a gate to the Mystic dimension and Escape!
Good Luck!


  • New Feature, Play as Jeff The Killer.
  • Three Weapons.
  • New Jeff The Killer Model ( more scarier ).
  • Smooth Controls.
  • High quality 3D environment graphics.
  • Gameplay from Poison Games that you love.

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