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LMSZai is a web-based responsive application that includes an online learning management system, as well as admin, instructor and student panel. This is a completely ready-to-use learning management system.

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Check Demo – https://lmszai.zainikthemes.com

Admin Panel
Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

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Why Choose LMSZai

• A comprehensive solution for online education businesses
• Based on real business needs and requirements
• Multiple content types (Video courses, Live classes, Text courses, discussions, Assignments, Quizzes, Resources, and Reviews)
• Public & private classes
• Quiz & certification
• Zoom, Youtube, Vimeo, and AWS integration
• Mail Configuration
• Online 1 to 1 meeting link
• Online 1 to many meeting link
• Single & multiple instructors
• User permissions
• Variable commissions
• Class support system
• Noticeboard
• Discussion
• At present 8 worldwide payment gateways
• Email & social login
• Multiple live class systems support
• Multilanguage
• Fully responsive
• Fully customizable
• Frontend RTL support
• SEO Management System
• Multi-language content
• Tutor Finder
• Localization system
• Many types of courses
• Instructor Ranking Level
• Student Certificate
• Admin Dashboard
• Payment Gateway all order report
• Support Ticket System
• Manage Dynamic menu and pages


LMSZai is a web based responsive application that includes an online learning management system, you can view on this page and live demo. You can also key features in the following list.

Multiple content support: LMSZai supports multiple content types such as video courses, live classes (Zoom) 

Instructors: You can use LMSZai as a marketplace or use it as an instructor service.

Online meetings (Zoom): In addition to educational materials, instructors and organizations will be able to sell online meetings.

Payment gateways (4 Included): There are 4 gateways supported for different countries. Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, SSLCOMMERZ.

Youtube & Vimeo & AMAZON AWS S3 support: You can use viedeo upload, AWS S3, Vimeo & Youtube video links as course parts so they could be used as free and safe video storage.

Social & EMAIL login: Users can log in to the system using social accounts (Google, Twitter & Facebook) also Email and login are supported.

Forget password:Forget password using Email Varification.

Fully customizable: All of the contents, texts, images, CSS, and JS codes will be customizable.

Accounting system: LMSZai includes a built-in accounting system that provides transaction tracking, sales analysis, advanced reports, refunds, manual accounting, payouts, invoice etc.

Shared hosting support: No need to pay for expensive VPS or desiccated servers! LMSZai could be installed in a minimum shared hosting plan.

Localization: LMSZai is multi-language and translatable. All of the official currencies included. RTL mode supported.

Variable commission rates: Increase user loyalty by using variable commission rates. Define extra commission rates for most active instructors and encourage them.

Staff & permissions: Create staff for different departments with specific access levels. Role Management system for various admin and staff in amdin panel.

Fully responsive: High-quality responsive design makes the content accessible on different devices.

Instructor can get ranking level badge (sell and student enrolled rules), its control by admin. Create unlimited quizzes, assignments and certificates and assign them to the courses.

Badges and rewarding system: Define different le related to the instructor’s actions. Badges will be assigned to instructors automatically.

Marketing options: There are several marketing features such as advanced discount codes, content promotions, featured classes, course discounts, email newsletters, etc to perform marketing campaigns.

Notifications: Automatic notifications will be sent after each related process. You can also send promotional & customized notifications to users.

Professional admin panel: Everything is under your control in the beautiful admin panel. There are many accessibilities, reports, and lists that are based on functionalities.

Support system: Students will be able to get in touch with instructors within a clear and functional course support system using discussion page in every course.

Separate panels: LMSZai includes separate panels for instructors, users, and organizations with different data types.

Multi-language Content: Define website contents in different languages. The content will be loaded according to the user language and user can create multi-language, and user can select default language.

Live Class System : Instructor can take live class using ZOOM


In which technology do you use to develop the LMSZAI?
For the LMSZAI development we used HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Jquery for the front end & back end developed in Laravel (PHP), And for the database we use Mysql.

Is this LMSZAI Script Plag & Play?
Yes, its completely ready to use. Just instal it to your server and start to use it.

Can I customize any code or feature?
Yes sure, if you are developer or if you have developer you can customize our code and any kinds of feature.

Do you offer installtion support?
Yes, we offer paid installation support.

If I face any bug or error, can I get help from you?
Yes, 100%. If you face any bug or error (Mistake from our side) we will fix this update this without any cost.

Do I get lifetime free update once we will buy it?
Yes, 100%. You will get lifetime free update.

Do I get lifetime free support once we will buy it?
Unfortunately! No. You don’t offer any free support.

Can I run the product on shared hosting?
Yes, there are no limitations with shared hosting plans.

Can I use YouTube and Vimeo as video storage?
Yes. You can use them as free and safe video storage.

Does the product support RTL languages?
Yes, the product supports the RTL direction perfectly in the front end.

Can I use Youtube, AWS S3, and Vimeo as video storage?
Yes. You can use them as free and safe video storage.

Which payment gateways are supported?
There are 4 gateways supported for different countries. Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, and SSLCOMMERZ are included. For supported countries, you can check the settings of our application.

Which things could be customized in the product?
- You can translate it to any language
- All of the texts, icons and images
- All of the predefined contents

Which technologies are used for development?
We developed LMSZai with Laravel 8, Scss, Webpack, and Bootstrap.

Change Log (version 5.0)

+ Introduced the "Classic" theme with a timeless and elegant layout design.
+ Introduced the "Modern" theme, characterized by its stylish layout design.
+/- Zoom Integrate with Server-To-Server OAuth.
+/- Agora live class issue fix.
+/- Security Update.
+/- Page Speed Optimize.

Change Log (version 4.4.1)

+ Google Meet redirect url change.
+ Issue fix in area code.

Change Log (version 4.4)

+ Braintree payment method added.
+ Iyzico payment method added.
+ Bitpay payment method added.
+ Zitopay payment method added.
+ Compatible to the LMSzai Market addon.
+/- Fix multi-instructor.

Change Log (version 4.3)

+ SEO meta management for dynamic pages done
+ Sitemap generation added
+- Site share fix
+- All static page seo fix
+- Delete unique field issue fix

Change Log (version 4.2)

 Organization issue fix.
 Admin panel responsive issue fix.
 Missing Deposit slip added in bank payment list.
 Manage page create/update issue fix.
 Optimize the speed of the query.

Change Log (version 4.1)

Issue fix & optimize query
Addon Installation System Added

Change Log (version 4.0)

Internal Message System (Student & Teacher) (pusher/ajax)
In-app video call (Agora)
Send gift course
Cashback system
Registration bonus
Upcoming courses
Featured course
Auto content approval
Revoke access to course enrollment
Coming soon mode
Google Analytics Setting
Google Re-captcha integration
Refund system
Wallet system enable for student
Wallet recharge
Mark all as a read button for notifications
Live class date issue fix
Organization approval fix
Query optimization and security added.


Crypto payment gateway added.
About page fix.
Auto update from admin panel module added.
Course draft issue fix.
Commission mismatch issue fix.
Phone number issue fix.


Google Meet issue fix
Inject patch update.
Footer payment image dynamic added.


Wasabi storage issue fixed.
A refund policy page added.
Custom timezone added.
Live class timezone issue fix.
Course discount percentage added based on course old price.
Bundle course details url SEO friendly.
Course curriculum section edit after lesson add added.
Security update.


Bug fixed.
Security update.
Badge issues fix.


Bug fixed.
Security update.
Certificate language support added.
Footer dynamic option added.
PWA features added.


Payout beneficiary added
Manual Payout option added.
Marcado Pago payment gateway added.
Flutterwave payment gateway added.
Optimize query and issue fix.
Language issue fix.
Security and patch update.


Minor issue fixed.
Security and patch update.


Minor issue fixed.
Security and patch update.


Multi Instructor. 
SCORM Course. 
Multi Organization Feature.
Subscription Module. (For Student).
Sass Module. (For Instructor & Organization).
Drip Content.
Course Access Period. 
Device Control.
Certificate Validation. 
Instructor Search Map/geolocalize Filter.
Private Mood.
Email & Phone Log in.
Bank/Manual Payout For Instructor & Affiliate. 
Google Meet.
Organization Profile.
Reward Badge For Instructor & Organization.
Follow/Unfollow For Instructor & Organization.
Enhance System Security.
Some Other Minor Issues were Fixed.


Report issue fixed.
Security update.


The installer issue is fixed.
Security patch update.
The language issue fixed.


Payment gateway security update.
The language issue fixed.
The image upload issue is fixed.


The payment gateway issue is fixed.
Some security issues fixed.


Affiliate System.
Wallet System For The Instructor & Affiliations.
Wasabi S3 Integrationion.
Vultr S3 Integration.
Some Minor Issues Fixed. 


Course Bundle Offer.
Instructor Consultation.
Language Change Settings Every Possible Static & Dynamic Content.
Course Forum.
Theme Color & Font Manage Setting.
Home Page Section Manage Settings.
Course Material Lesson Upload Option ( text + image + pdf + slide + audio).
New Video Frame.
Course delete issue fixed.
SSLCommerz payment gateway issue fixed.
Zoom Setting update and issue fixed.


Instructor edit, update, delete, onclick change status option add in admin panel.
Student view, edit, update, delete, onclick change status option add in admin panel.
SSLcommerz payment gateway issue fixed.
Any status hide issue fixed.
Preloader, logo, fav icon, signup SVG image support accepted.
Course delete issue fixed
Instructor profile select country, state, and city issues fixed


Image/Video upload update.
Cache settings in admin panel.
Migrate settings in admin panel.
Update procedure add in Documentation.
Minor Issues Fixed.


Maintenance mode Feature Add. 
Create Account issues Fixed. 


Payment gateway integration (Mollie),
Payment gateway integration (Instamojo),
Payment gateway integration (Paystack),
Payment gateway integration (Bank Payment),
Integrate new meeting software (BligBlueButton).
Integrate new meeting software (Jitsi).
Summernote adds for the text field.
Preloader change option add.
Email verification on/off option added.
Some minor issues were fixed.

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