Metal Shooter Run and Gun

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Step into the futuristic world of "Metal Shooter: Run and Gun" where the Earth Protection Force detects unusual signs on an island occupied by a Robot team. As an elite warrior, armed with cutting-edge equipment, your mission is to penetrate the enemy's stronghold and annihilate them.


  • Dynamic 2D Shooter: Engage in intense run and gun 2D shooter action, offering a thrilling gaming experience.
  • Auto-Shoot Function: Utilize the auto-shoot function for efficient gameplay during side-view stages.
  • Epic Boss Battles: Confront epic bosses in exhilarating battles, showcasing your skills and determination.
  • Life Management: Avoid enemy contact and bullets, ensuring you don't fall off the screen. Revert to default weapons upon losing a life.
  • Continuation Options: Collect coins by defeating enemies and use them to continue after losing all lives or watch videos for additional chances.
  • Useful Battle Items: Discover various useful items during battles, providing coins, bullets, and extra lives.
  • Monetization Ready: Ads and in-app purchases are integrated and well-documented, offering a seamless monetization experience.
  • Optimized Code: Fast and optimized codes contribute to smooth gameplay and overall efficiency.
  • Google-Friendly: The game is designed to meet Google's guidelines, enhancing its visibility and accessibility.


  • Regular Version - Unity 2018
  • Updated Version - Unity 2022

Demo Apk:

Explore the thrilling world of "Metal Shooter: Run and Gun" by downloading the demo here. Immerse yourself in this action-packed adventure and experience the futuristic battle against the Robot team!


Update 08-02-2023

  • Updated Libraries
  • Shader Bug Fixes

Update 30-12-2023

  • Bug Fixes
  • Updated to Unity 2022

Deadline Description for Additions:

  • Ad monetization: 3 days
  • In-app purchases ( Repair or Integrate ): 3 days
  • Basic Reskin ( Logo, Package Name, Ad Ids, Colors ): 3 days
  • Full Reskin ( Basic Reskin + Game Environment, Characters ): 7 days

The updated project will be uploaded to Google Drive, and the link will be sent to your email and anysourcecode messages section.

For more information, please don't hesitate to message me. Thank you.

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