Multi Robot Game Transformers

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Welcome to the futuristic world of Robot Transformation Game - Car Robot Games 2022! Immerse yourself in mech robot wars 3D with a unique blend of multi-robot games and team battles. Experience the thrill of tank robot games, helicopter robotic games, and transforming car robot games all in one package. Get ready for an epic adventure where hero robots and flying car robots unite in this red robot game.


  • Diverse Robot Transformations: Explore various robot transformations, including tank robots, flying car robots, and more. Enjoy the excitement of multiple hero robots in this transforming car robot game.

  • Multi-Mode Gameplay: Engage in mech robot wars with different modes, including career mode, highway racing mode, and team deathmatch. Face off against alien forces, experience fast-paced car racing, and participate in team battles with transforming robots.

  • High-Quality Graphics and City Environment: Immerse yourself in stunning graphics and a beautifully designed city environment. Experience the futuristic world of multi-robot games with attention to detail.

  • Smooth and Perfect Controls: Enjoy seamless gameplay with smooth and responsive controls. Navigate through mech robot transformation battles effortlessly and unleash powerful attacks.

  • Unique Missions and Storylines: Embark on unique missions and captivating storylines in the career mode. Play the role of a hero in the ultimate tank robot battle 3D within a modern city setting.

  • Highway Racing and TDM Modes: Experience the thrill of highway racing with fast cars in different race types and tracks. Engage in team deathmatch battles with transforming robots in a unique design of team shooting games.


Unity 2018, Unity 2019, Unity 2020

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