Ninja Teleport Master

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Dive into the world of Ninja Teleport Master, a comprehensive game template designed to facilitate the creation of a 3D Hyper Casual game. With minimal adjustments, you can modify the UI, 3D models, and sounds to craft a unique gaming experience. Featuring Unity's latest version (2022.3), this project guarantees optimal performance and cutting-edge features.


  • 64-bit Support: Ensure compatibility with modern devices for a seamless gaming experience.
  • Simple and Funny Gameplay: Engage players with a straightforward and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Easy Reskinning: Effortlessly customize the game with hyper-casual models, allowing for quick adaptation.
  • 30 Well-Designed Levels: Begin with a solid foundation of 30 levels and easily expand your game by adding more.
  • Rich Game Level Features: Explore various in-game features, including obstacles, enemies, and exciting challenges.
  • Amazing 3D Unity Physics: Experience realistic physics that enhance the overall gaming environment.
  • Weapon Shop: Integrate a weapon shop to add strategic elements to the gameplay.
  • Optimized Performance for Mobile: Ensure smooth performance on both Android and iOS platforms (Tested).
  • Admob Integration: Monetize your game with Admob banners, interstitials, and rewarded video ads.
  • Firebase Analytics: Gain insights into user behavior and optimize your game with Firebase analytics.
  • iOS Advertising Supporter: Extend your reach by supporting iOS advertising.
  • Unity 2022.3: Built using the latest version of Unity for enhanced performance and features.


Built on Unity 2022, ensuring compatibility and leveraging the latest advancements in game development.

Demo Apk:

Download Ninja Teleport Master Demo

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