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In digital life, many cases we face in our lives need a petition. A solution has come for a petition website. So, people can start a petition about a specific case, and people who care about your case will sign it. So, your voice will be heard louder and louder. One of these solutions is right here.
A ready web application to start your own petition website. You can use it with your community or publicly.
Ready database with ready data for quick testing.
Built with native PHP 7.x and MySQL 8.


User Features:

  • - Manage petitions > add, edit, view, delete.
  • - Manage system users (admins) > add, edit, view, delete.
  • - View signatures.
  • - Simple dashboard stats.
  • - Multi languages (easy to add languages -unlimited).
  • - Users can start their own petitions.
  • - Email verification is needed for starting and/or signing a petition.
  • - If you are using a web host with an email, the email system will work automatically (no need for any configurations).
  • - No registration required for users to sign or start a petition.
  • - Easy to use & manage.
  • - No limitations for anything.
  • - Ready Database with ready data.
  • - Simple design.
  • - Responsive.
  • - Files to edit About us, Privacy Policy, and Contact us pages.
  • - Full source code.
  • - Easy to edit.
  • - Readable code.
  • - Independent classes, functions, and files.
  • - Bootstrap & Font Awesome.
  • - Vue.js version 2.
  • - PHP + JavaScript Routing.
  • - PHP 7.x.
  • - MySQL 8.
  • - Native/Pure PHP (no framework).

Important notice: Petition images are stored in the database itself, so the application might get slow if there are many images (~10,000) or large size images.


PHP 7.x (Tested on PHP 7.3 & 7.4)
MySQL 8.x

** Haven't tested on any other versions **


Help files are included with the files (in PDF and DOC file)

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