Piano Tiles 2 Template

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Enter the musical gaming market effortlessly with this complete Piano Tiles template, designed for easy publishing and reskinning. Whether for Android, iOS, or Windows Marketplace, this Unity game template offers seamless integration and a polished user experience.


  • Comprehensive game flow from splash screen to game over, with popups for additional utilities.
  • Includes 70 pre-designed levels, with a comprehensive document for creating new levels.
  • High-performance code base ensuring smooth gameplay at 60 fps on devices from iPhone 5s and above.
  • Smooth menu transition effects for enhanced user experience.
  • Low audio latency on Android devices for optimal sound synchronization.
  • Stable and rigorously tested core gameplay mechanics.
  • Easily switch between Unity Ads or Admob for monetization.


  • Addresses the common issue of high audio latency in musical games on Android devices, providing a solution.
  • Extracted from a fully functional game project with additional features, simplifying the implementation process.
  • A sophisticated project developed over 500 man-hours, resolving various platform-specific challenges such as lag and FPS drops.
  • Ready for publishing with simple adjustments to the ads ID.
  • Utilizes NGUI atlas for reskinning, requiring familiarity with this component.


  • Detailed setup and reskinning instructions are provided in the online documentation for seamless implementation.
  • Explore the documentation for comprehensive details, screenshots, and helpful tips.


Unity 2018.3.0f2

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