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Picture Coloring is a captivating color-by-numbers game where players tap regions of a picture to fill them with color, creating beautiful artwork. With an intuitive editor tool, players can create their own levels effortlessly, adding to the game's endless creative possibilities.


  • Custom Editor Tool: Easily create new levels using PNG images.
  • Categories: Levels are organized into categories for easy browsing in the Library screen.
  • Hints: Use hints to zoom in on the smallest regions for precise coloring.
  • Coins: Earn coins for completing levels, which can unlock other levels.
  • Level Locking: Unlock levels by spending coins.
  • Level Rewards: Earn hints or coins as rewards for completing levels.
  • Sharing: Share completed artwork on social media platforms or save images to the device.
  • Saving: Game automatically saves progress, with encrypted save files for security.
  • Ads: Support for AdMob and Unity Ads, including banners, interstitials, and reward ads.
  • Reward Ads: Watch reward ads to earn hints when running low.
  • In-App Purchases (IAP): Option to remove ads or purchase coins.


Unity 2018.1.0f2


v2.1 [CURRENT]

  • Fixed bug where coloring one region would also color a second region.
  • Fixed bug where the level creator would sometimes get stuck and not progress or generate the level files.
  • Fixed exception on the level creator window when creating levels with the single import mode.


  • Completely re-engineered how level files are generated and displayed in the game. Pictures are no longer displayed using Texture2Ds, instead level files contain vector/triangle information which is used to display images using a custom UI component. This drastically lowers the amount of memory used and makes level loading almost instant. NOTE: Level files will have to be re-generated with this update. Also any previously generated level PNG files in the Resources folder can be deleted.
  • Fixed small sound bug where sound would turn back on if turned off previously.


  • Initial release

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