Pixel Art Balls

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Break Pixel cubes with Balls in 3D! Engage in this fun and addictive game where you swipe to throw balls and break bricks. Enjoy the satisfying effects of destroying blocks while progressing through levels and earning upgrades.


  • Original Gameplay: Unique and captivating mechanics.
  • 20 Levels: Start with 20 pre-designed levels.
  • Satisfying Effects: Enjoy the visual and audio effects of breaking blocks.
  • Upgrade Shop: Enhance your gameplay with various upgrades.
  • Laser Powerup: Utilize the laser powerup for more destruction.
  • Offline Earnings: Earn rewards even when you're not playing.
  • Clean C# Code: Well-documented and easy-to-understand code.
  • Documentation Included: Comprehensive guide to help you set up and customize the game.


Unity 2019

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