Real Sniper Legacy: Shooter 3D

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The legendary Best Sniper is back, more formidable than ever! Immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world teeming with bloodthirsty zombies and colossal dinosaurs. As the last elite sniper on Earth, your legacy depends on your ability to survive and thrive. Breathe in, ready your weapon, and embark on the ultimate hunting game.


  • Survive the Apocalypse with Deadly Sniper Skills: Master the art of precision shooting to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with monstrous creations.

  • Story-Driven Gameplay in a Post-Apocalyptic World: Immerse yourself in an epic narrative that unfolds in exotic locations amid the remnants of a failed scientific experiment.

  • Tons of Missions and Challenges: Engage in a variety of missions and challenges, each testing your sniper prowess and survival instincts.

  • Earn Bonus XP and Rewards with Precision Shooting: Scan for weak spots, pinpoint critical organs, and reap bonus XP and rewards with each precise shot.

  • Hunt Dinosaurs in Exotic Jurassic Locations: Explore stunning Jurassic locations as you hunt down dinosaurs with incredible attention to detail.

  • Next-Gen Bullet-Time Effects: Experience the thrill of precise sniper-shooting action with incredible next-gen bullet-time effects.

  • Upgrade Your Weapons to Become Deadlier: Enhance your arsenal with up to 14 modern and classic sniper rifles. Each rifle features 15 upgrades, making you the ultimate sniper hunter.

  • Precise Sniper-Shooting Action: Scan for weak spots, earn bonus loot, and execute epic kills with incredible bullet-time effects. Face off against opponents in nail-biting quick-time events, testing your reaction time in seconds.

  • Epic Story in Exotic Locations: Uncover the mysteries behind a controversial scientific experiment, where human and dino genomes merge, creating monstrous abominations known as Humanosaurs. Navigate a post-apocalyptic wasteland and hunt to survive.

  • Eliminate Deadly Enemies: Stalk an array of enemies, including dinosaurs, zombies, and Humanosaurs. Utilize precision skills and upgrade weapons to take down formidable foes.

  • Arsenal of Awesome Upgradeable Weapons: Choose from 14 sniper rifles and explosives, each with 15 upgrades. Enhance scopes and zoom capabilities to become the ultimate sniper hunter.


Unity 2019.4.33f1

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