Sausage Survival Master

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Embark on a 3D adventure with a spirited sausage, navigating through random minigames set in the vibrant 1930s. Engage in thrilling fights and races to survive the challenges of this unique survival game. Can you master the randomness and emerge victorious in the race against time?


  • Survival Challenges: Experience the 1930s by navigating various random 3D minigames.
  • Experience Gain: Master random challenges to enhance your 3D wrestling skills.
  • Race Adventure: Hold your breath and race through unpredictable obstacles.
  • Adaptive Gameplay: Adapt your sausage's strategy and run with the ever-changing challenges.
  • Winning Goals: Victory is the ultimate aim—whatever it takes.
  • Racing Joy: Feel the excitement of racing while managing the chaos around you.
  • Target Strategy: Keep an eye out for targets; stop, pull, and strategically engage with others.
  • Delicious Rewards: Win the race to enjoy numerous rewards, including delectable sausages and weenie-vellen.


Unity 2019, Unity 2020

Demo APK:

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