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Prepare for a buzzing challenge in "Save the Dog 2" as adorable dogs face the peril of evil bees. Draw lines strategically to save your curious pup and other animals. This addictive brain-training game offers a mix of fun and puzzle-solving. Can you rescue the dog and navigate through various memes like pandas, cats, and frogs? Play now to test your skills!


  • Life-Saving Challenges: Draw lines to protect your dog and other animals from a swarm of bees.
  • Brain-Training Gameplay: Challenge your mind with engaging and strategic gameplay.
  • Multiple Memes: Change memes like panda, cat, frog, and more as you progress.
  • Funny Dog Expressions: Enjoy amusing expressions as your dog faces various challenges.
  • Custom Clearance Methods: Explore a variety of methods to clear challenging levels.
  • Puzzle and Interesting Levels: Engage with puzzles and interesting levels that progressively increase in difficulty.
  • Various Skins: Save not only the dog but also other animals like chickens or sheep with different skins.



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