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Dive into the world of aquatic puzzles with Save The Fish - Physics Puzzle Game! As a physics puzzle enthusiast, challenge your creativity to save fish by strategically filling up an empty aquarium with water. This addictive 2018 game offers multiple ways to conquer levels, pushing you to think outside the box for optimal solutions. Can you secure a 3-star rating on every level?


  • Addictive Physics Puzzles: Immerse yourself in challenging physics-based puzzles that require creative solutions.
  • Variety of Solutions: Explore different ways to complete each level and achieve the coveted 3-star rating.
  • Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Levels may seem straightforward, but they present a more significant challenge—put your ingenuity to the test.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Draw lines with your finger to create a path for water, strategically filling the aquarium above the dashed line.
  • Hint System: Stuck on a level? Utilize the hint button to gain insights into effectively filling the aquarium and making the fish happy.
  • Relaxing and Kid-Friendly: Suitable for all age groups, including children, Save The Fish provides a relaxing and enjoyable puzzle-solving experience.
  • Underwater Fish Theme: Immerse yourself in an underwater world with a captivating fish aquarium theme.
  • Mind Sharpening: This brain-training puzzle game enhances concentration and critical thinking skills.
  • Freely Draw Lines: Enjoy the freedom of drawing lines to overcome each level's challenges.
  • Expanding Levels: With tons of levels available, and more on the way, the fun never ends.
  • Offline Play: Play anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.
  • Universal Support: The game is optimized for both phones and tablets, ensuring a seamless experience.


  • Regular Version - Unity 2018
  • Updated Version - Unity 2022

Demo Apk:

Download Save The Fish


Last Update 12-01-2024

  • Updated to Unity 2022
  • Updated Libraries
  • Bug Fixes

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