Sentinel Chronicles 3: Future Battle

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Embark on a thrilling strategy adventure with Sentinel Chronicles 3: Future Battle, the latest installment in the Tower Defense series. Prepare for an epic journey as you defend against dark forces and unleash superheroes to combat evil.


  • New Feature: Superheroes: Introduces game-changing superheroes for enhanced gameplay dynamics.
  • Dynamic Weaponry: Continuously updated weaponry offers innovative tactics against evolving enemies.
  • Enemy Bosses: Experience direct encounters with formidable enemy bosses, raising the stakes for victory.
  • Items: Inherit and advance arsenal from Tower Defense 2, featuring new weapons like LDC-055-G3, UXO-W-II, I-A-III, BF1-III, Hellfire Area II, Supergun-FII, W-R-II, and A-B-S-II.
  • Map Diversity: Engage in battles across diverse terrains, including deserts, tundra, mountains, and more, challenging players with ever-changing landscapes.


  • Regular Version: Unity 2018
  • Updated Version: Unity 2022


Update 10-02-2024

  • Updated to Unity 2022
  • Bug Fixes

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