Seven Idle Dwarfs

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Embark on a mining adventure and amass unimaginable wealth in the world of Seven Idle Dwarfs Idle game. Aspire to be the richest idle tycoon by overseeing diligent dwarfs tirelessly mining day and night. Let Fairy Godmothers, Princess White, and managers work for you, ensuring a constant flow of money into your pockets, even when you're offline.


  • Stunning Fairy Tale-Like Graphics: Immerse yourself in enchanting visuals that bring the fairy tale world to life.

  • Amazing Effects and Sounds: Experience captivating effects and sounds that enhance the gaming atmosphere.

  • Variety of Mines to Explore: Journey through three continents featuring 15 different minerals, including coal, gold, ruby, emerald, and more.

  • Elevator and Warehouse Upgrades: Upgrade through 2400 levels of elevators and warehouses to enhance efficiency.

  • Global Mine Exploitation: Manage 800 mine shafts worldwide to maximize your resource exploitation.

  • Offline Gameplay: No need to connect to the internet; enjoy the game offline.

  • Free-to-Play with Social Play: It's completely FREE! Play with friends and build your mining empire.

How to Play Seven Idle Dwarfs:

  • Utilize different strategies to earn money across various continents.
  • Explore new mine continents to accumulate idle money.
  • Use boosters strategically to amplify your profits.
  • Upgrade shafts, elevators, and warehouses in each mine to increase idle cash flow.
  • Enhance your skill tree to generate more income.
  • Collect dwarf cards to build a diverse collection of dwarfs.

Start your mining adventure, explore the world of the seven dwarfs, and tap your way to becoming the wealthiest idle tycoon ever!


Seven Idle Dwarfs is developed on Unity 2019, ensuring a robust and immersive gaming experience.

Demo Apk:

Experience the riches by downloading the demo APK here. Start tapping, upgrading, and building your mining empire. If you enjoy this idle world, please give us a 5-star rating. Thank you for your support, and may you relish the pleasures of the idle game!

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