Shake Camera And FlashLight Android

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With shake camera you can shake your mobile phone to access easily to the camera.
Now you don't need to search your camera app! Just shake!

Shake Flashlight is a small tool which can turn on or off camera light by just shaking. When you need a flashlight, all you have to do is turning on the screen and shaking your phone.

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you had to take a picture quickly and lost the opportunity to do it? Or maybe you don't want to look for the camera app for convenience. With Shake Camera you can take photos quickly.

Forget the apps with complicated options, just touching one button you can activate it. Then you can close the app and use your mobile as usual. When you need to take a picture just shake your phone and you have it!
If you want to disable it, just open the app and click the button again.

Brightest Led Flashlight. With this application, your Smartphone will become more useful and one of the best and most productive tools.


Flashlight hd led
- Quick start
- It works after turning off the screen or lock
- Simple and effective
- Use the LED flash light
- Flashlight high power
An intense flashlight for the moments you need the most and a super powerful flashlight that will illuminate everything you want.

Strobe mode
- Flashlight blinker

Flashlight gesture
- Flashlight moving the cell phone type motorola or moto action functions
- Flashlight shake to turn on

Smart flashlight
- Rear flashlight with timer functions and smart shake mode
- Flashlight quick action

Free flashlight app for android
The powerful light free flashlight for samsung, huawei, lg, xiaomi, wawei and all compatible devices such as flashlight j1 ace, j1, flashlight j2 prime, flashlight galaxy, sony xperia or flashlight j5 among others.

Easy to use, quick and effective. Enjoy!

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