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Snake Warz IO (slither, worm) complete game template allows you to build your own snake, slither, or worm io game within minutes. Challenge your players with ultra-smart AI bots and create an engaging gaming experience.


  • Complete game template, ready for release
  • Five unique game modes: Quick Play, Infinity, Boss Hunt, Ghetto, and Battle Royale
  • In-game skin shop for players to exchange coins for skins
  • In-game experience (XP) and leveling system
  • Intuitive and smart control system supporting both mouse and virtual joystick
  • Original artwork
  • Real-time in-game leaderboard
  • Smart AI bots providing hours of fun
  • Lag-free gameplay experience
  • 10+ skins for snakes and 5+ skins for the pit
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Android, iOS, WebGL, Windows, and Mac
  • Clean and fully commented C# classes for easy extension
  • Easy re-skinning and re-mastering options


Unity 2021.3.8f1

More on Game Modes:

  • Quick Play: Default game mode with normal settings; food respawns upon pickup, bot snakes revive, and game timer counts down from 120 seconds.
  • Infinity: No timer; play for an unlimited amount of time and grow as big as possible.
  • Boss Hunt: All snakes start big, no food on the pit; snakes hunt each other to become the final boss.
  • Ghetto: Scarce food with no replenishment; fight for every available food.
  • Battle Royale: Be the last snake standing to win; limited food and a pit full of snacks.

Additional Screens from Unity Editor:

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