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Sngine is a PHP Social Network Platform is the best way to create your own social website or online community. Launch it in just 1 minute with ultimate features. It’s fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated.

Sngine Updated to Version 3.10 (What’s New?)
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User Demo::
Demo Link (You can register and test it yourself)

Admin Demo::
Demo Link (Login using this username/password)
Username: demo.admin
Password: 123456
(This account can’t do any action on the demo version)

Admin Moderator::
Demo Link (Login using this username/password)
Username: demo.mod
Password: 123456
(This account can’t do any action on the demo version)


  • Apache, Nginx or IIS Sever
  • PHP 7.4+ and MySQL 5.0+ (Sngine also supports PHP 8+ and MySQL 8+)
  • PHP Extensions: mysqli, mbstring & curl
  • PHP Library: GD
  • PHP Funcrions: allow_url_fopen() & mail()
  • SSL certificate (Required if you want to enable Audio/Video calls or live streaming or to build the mobile apps)

Change Log / Updates

Version 3.10 07-09-2023

  • [Updated] Documentation
  • [Updated] System Security
  • [Updated] System Optimization
  • [Updated] Sngine PHP Dependencies
  • [Updated] Sngine JS Dependencies
  • [Added] Market Purchase Module
  • [Added] Tips To Blogs
  • [Added] Admin ability to turn Switch Accounts On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Sngine Login as Social Login
  • [Added] Enable/Disable Reactions [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] SMS Limit/Hour
  • [Added] Wallet Transfer Maximum [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Send Tips in Profiles
  • [Added] User ability to turn Send Tips in his profile On/Off [User Settings]
  • [Added] Tips Button in Pages
  • [Added] Page’s Admin ability to turn Send Tips in his page On/Off [Page Settings]
  • [Added] Products Limits Per Package
  • [Added] Business Tax Info, Address, Website with Pages Verification Requests
  • [Added] Change Profile Cover from Old Photos
  • [Added] Change Page Cover from Old Photos
  • [Added] Change Group Cover from Old Photos
  • [Added] Change Event Cover from Old Photos
  • [Added] Hide Permissions For Disabled Modules in Packages
  • [Added] Enhanced The Search System
  • [Added] Products Tab in Profile Page
  • [Added] Manage Profile Top Photos
  • [Added] Manage Profile Top Friends
  • [Added] Photo Link Copy When Sharing Single Photo
  • [Added] Create Funding from Publisher
  • [Added] Page Description Supports Multiple Lines
  • [Added] Group Description Supports Multiple Lines
  • [Added] Event Description Supports Multiple Lines
  • [Added] Show User’s Marketplace Balance in Admin Panel
  • [Added] Show User’s Funding Balance in Admin Panel
  • [Added] Show User’s Monetization Balance in Admin Panel
  • [Added] Enhanced Articles Tags System
  • [Added] More Zones for Wasabi Settings
  • [Added] Upgrade FontAwesome to v6+
  • [Added] Upgrade Installer Wizard to v5+
  • [Added] Upgrade Updater Wizard to v5+
  • [Fixed] Minor Bugs
  • [Fixed] Change OG-Image with Video Thumbnail
  • [Fixed] Exclude None-Activated Users From New People
  • [Fixed] Exclude Super Admin From New People
  • [Fixed] Ads for Pages & Groups
  • [Fixed] Noty Notification not Clickable
  • [Fixed] Pro Packages Price Format
  • [Fixed] Profiles/Pages/Groups/Events UI make info first
  • [Fixed] Stories ADS Last More Than 24 Hours
  • [Fixed] Funding Post’s Title Open New Window
  • [Fixed] Change People UI Make Search At Bottom
  • [Fixed] Hide Boosted Pages if Pages Disabled From Sidebar Menu
  • [Fixed] Super Admin Can Change His User Group
  • [Fixed] OneSignal Icon Position Issue

Change Log / Updates

Version 3.9.1 17-06-2023

  • [Fixed] Minor Bugs
  • [Fixed] Cover image position issue
  • [Fixed] DataTables alert issue when edit user in admin panel
  • [Fixed] Critical Security Issues & Thanks to @IlyasMakari (
  • [Fixed] Profile picture when start chat from profile, market, popover …etc
  • [Fixed] Replaced CDN for “Bootstrap” & “tinymce-i18n” with local files (JsDeliver CDN has some issues with some countries)
  • [Fixed] Fixed “Forget Password” link position
  • [Fixed] Admin panel badge text white colors in day mode
  • [Fixed] Stories Issue
  • [Fixed] Fundings Permission

Version 3.9 05-06-2023

  • [Updated] Documentation
  • [Updated] System Security
  • [Updated] System Optimization
  • [Updated] Sngine PHP Dependencies
  • [Updated] Sngine JS Dependencies
  • [Added] Migrate to Bootstrap v5+
  • [Added] New Default Theme
  • [Added] Fluid Design Option
  • [Added] Admin ability to turn Fluid Design Option On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Change Icons Colors [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] New Social Login via WordPress
  • [Added] New System Ads Slot For Specific Pages
  • [Added] New System Ads Slot For Specific Groups
  • [Added] Emojis Menu Lazy Loading
  • [Added] MoneyPoolsCash Automatic Withdrawal Payments
  • [Added] Movies Pay Per View Module
  • [Added] Switch Accounts
  • [Added] Share Stories As Ads
  • [Added] Videos Categories
  • [Added] Manage Videos Categories [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Manage Custom Users Groups [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Manage Permissions Groupss [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Pro Packages With Permissions Groups [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Pro Packages With Picked Videos Categories Access [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Pro Packages With Picked Blogs Categories Access [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Admin ability to turn Verification Docs On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Make “Boosted” Posts Visible To Website Visitors
  • [Added] Uploads Permission for Non-Logged In Users
  • [Fixed] Minor Bugs
  • [Fixed] Games Genres Issue
  • [Fixed] Publisher Privacy Dropdown Menu in Mobile
  • [Fixed] Video Player Aspect Ratio
  • [Fixed] Stripe with JPY currency
  • [Fixed] Backup contains content\backups folder
  • [Fixed] Facebook Embed Responsive Issue

Version 3.8 31-03-2023

  • [Updated] Documentation
  • [Updated] System Security
  • [Updated] System Optimization
  • [Updated] Sngine PHP Dependencies
  • [Updated] Sngine JS Dependencies
  • [Added] New Landing Page Design
  • [Added] Watch Module
  • [Added] Tips Module
  • [Added] Content Monetization Custom Plans Module
  • [Added] Reactions Order [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Allow Animated Images for Avatars/Covers
  • [Added] Admin ability to turn Animated Images On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Games Genres
  • [Added] Discover Pages by Categories
  • [Added] Discover Groups by Categories
  • [Added] Discover Events by Categories
  • [Added] Discover Games By Genres
  • [Added] Edit Pages Description SEO [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Edit Groups Description SEO [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Edit Events Description SEO [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Edit Games Description SEO [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Manage DayTime Messages [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] List Marketplace Posts [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Backbalze New Location [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Moneypoolscash Payment Gateway
  • [Added] Show Ads Campaigns for Non-logged-in Members
  • [Fixed] Pages Fake Generator
  • [Fixed] Bank Transfers Accept [Admin Panel]
  • [Fixed] Highcharts.js Translation [Admin Panel]
  • [Fixed] Group Cover Image Position Issue
  • [Fixed] Post Title With Feelings Issue
  • [Fixed] Super Admin Can’t Be Demo Account
  • [Fixed] Dark Logo If Not Uploaded
  • [Fixed] Advanced Search With Empty Query Links Issue
  • [Fixed] Friends Count To Exclude Banned Users
  • [Fixed] Posts limit/hours for articles
  • [Fixed] Fullname in Forums if Usernames Only Enabled
  • [Fixed] Deleting Comments When Post Deleted
  • [Fixed] Deleting Article Cover Image When Article Deleted
  • [Fixed] Pinned Post Twice Views
  • [Fixed] Promoted Jobs Not Open
  • [Fixed] Images & Videos Aspect Ratio

Version 3.7 01-01-2023

  • [Updated] Documentation
  • [Updated] System Security
  • [Updated] System Optimization
  • [Updated] Sngine PHP Dependencies
  • [Updated] Sngine JS Dependencies
  • [Added] Content Monetization for [Profiles|Pages|Groups]
  • [Added] Manage Reactions [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Add Follower/Followings Privacy Settings
  • [Added] Ads Free System for Pro Accounts
  • [Added] Admin ability to turn Ads Free System On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Posts Count in [Profile|Page|Group|Event]
  • [Added] Photos Count in [Profile|Page|Group|Event]
  • [Added] Videos Count in [Profile|Page|Group|Event]
  • [Added] Who can Send Gifts [Everyone|Verified|Pro|Admins]
  • [Added] Who can Upload Videos [Everyone|Verified|Pro|Admins]
  • [Added] Who can Upload Audios [Everyone|Verified|Pro|Admins]
  • [Added] Who can Upload Files [Everyone|Verified|Pro|Admins]
  • [Added] Who can Add Colored Posts [Everyone|Verified|Pro|Admins]
  • [Added] Who can Add Feelings/Activity Posts [Everyone|Verified|Pro|Admins]
  • [Added] Who can Add Poll Posts [Everyone|Verified|Pro|Admins]
  • [Added] Who can Add Geolocation Posts [Everyone|Verified|Pro|Admins]
  • [Added] Who can Add GIF Posts [Everyone|Verified|Pro|Admins]
  • [Added] Who can Post As Anonymous [Everyone|Verified|Pro|Admins]
  • [Added] Stripe New Checkout APIs
  • [Added] Dark|Light Logo [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Mixcloud Support
  • [Added] Backblaze Bucket Region “eu-central-003” [Admin Panel]
  • [Fixed] FastCGI Issue
  • [Fixed] Pro System Charts in Admin Panel
  • [Fixed] Pro Earning of Current Month
  • [Fixed] Disabled Currencies in Admin Panel
  • [Fixed] Auto Followings Check
  • [Fixed] Quick Search Log Check
  • [Fixed] Delete Original Video After FFmpeg Convert
  • [Fixed] Backups Function
  • [Fixed] Campaign Potential Reach
  • [Fixed] RazorPay Issue
  • [Fixed] Stories Preview Issue with Videos
  • [Fixed] Mass Notifications Extrenal Link Open New Tab
  • [Fixed] Minor Bugs

Version 3.6.3 12-10-2022

  • [Fixed] Categories Translation
  • [Fixed] FFmpeg issue with Cloud Saving
  • [Fixed] Minor Bugs

Version 3.6.2 20-09-2022

  • [Updated] Sngine Default Theme Colors
  • [Added] New Post Reactions Images
  • [Fixed] Minor Bugs

Version 3.6.1 12-09-2022

  • [Fixed] Newsfeed Countries Issue
  • [Fixed] @mentions Issue
  • [Fixed] Save To Cloud Storage Issue
  • [Fixed] Vkontakte Adaptor Issue
  • [Fixed] Tinymce Uploading Images Issue
  • [Fixed] Custom CSS Colors Issue
  • [Fixed] Minor Bugs

Version 3.6 01-09-2022

  • [Updated] Documentation
  • [Updated] System Security
  • [Updated] System Optimization
  • [Updated] Sngine PHP Dependencies
  • [Updated] Sngine JS Dependencies
  • [Added] Move Sngine JS Dependencies to NPM
  • [Added] FFMPEG Support
  • [Added] Admin ability to turn FFMPEG On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] All Comments Sorting in Comments
  • [Added] Backblaze Cloud Storage
  • [Added] Manage Reserved Usernames [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Profile Image Required While Sign Up On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Location Data Required While Sign Up On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Education Data Required While Sign Up On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Work Data Required While Sign Up On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Allow Special Characters in Names [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Share the post to Event
  • [Added] Publish Articles Inside Pages
  • [Added] Publish Articles Inside Groups
  • [Added] Publish Articles Inside Events
  • [Added] Posts Views System
  • [Added] Admin ability to turn Posts Views System On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Points/Post View in Points System
  • [Added] Custom Countries for Auto-Friend Feature
  • [Added] Custom Countries for Auto-Follow Feature
  • [Added] Custom Countries for Auto-Like Feature
  • [Added] Custom Countries for Auto-Join Feature
  • [Added] Native Emojis Support
  • [Added] Newsfeed Location Filter
  • [Added] Admin ability to Enable/Disable Any Currency [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Pro Package Badge with Comments
  • [Added] Video.js Langauges
  • [Added] New Ads Positions Under The Post & Article
  • [Added] Stories Preview
  • [Fixed] Agora Cloud Recording
  • [Fixed] Wasabi Files Delete After Deleting The Post
  • [Fixed] Update Pages, Groups & Events Counters When Delete User
  • [Fixed] Default Website Description Translation
  • [Fixed] Scraper Bug
  • [Fixed] Dark Mode Pagination Colors
  • [Fixed] Live Video Screenshot
  • [Fixed] Video Calls UI
  • [Fixed] User Online Bug
  • [Fixed] Offers Date Format Match System Date Format
  • [Fixed] Delete Album Photos After Load More
  • [Fixed] Minor Bugs

Version 3.5 05-06-2022

  • [Updated] Documentation
  • [Updated] System Security
  • [Updated] System Optimization
  • [Updated] Sngine Libs
  • [Updated] Sngine JS Dependencies
  • [Added] Move libs to Composer
  • [Added] Razorpay Payment Method
  • [Added] Cashfree Payment Method
  • [Added] Coinbase Payment Method
  • [Added] SecurionPay Payment Method
  • [Added] Live Streaming on Pages
  • [Added] Live Streaming on Groups
  • [Added] Live Streaming on Events
  • [Added] Copy Post Link to Clipboard
  • [Added] Account Activation Required
  • [Added] Admin ability to turn Activation Required On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] @mentions Now Support Any Language
  • [Added] Translate Site Title To User Language
  • [Added] Google Cloud Storage
  • [Added] Admin ability to turn Google Cloud Storage On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Category Name with Product Details
  • [Added] Report Categories and Report Reason
  • [Added] Admin ability to Manage Report Categories [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Admin ability to Manage HTML support in Rich Text Editor [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Search Box in Blogs Module
  • [Added] Different Currencies per Product
  • [Added] Remove Upload Limits for Admins/Mods
  • [Fixed] Re-Share Public Group Post
  • [Fixed] Blog Comments For Visitors
  • [Fixed] Delete Reports If Content Already Deleted
  • [Fixed] Translation [Select All|Deselect All|Nothing Selected] in Ads Manager
  • [Fixed] Multiple Select Custom Field Value
  • [Fixed] Lightbox Arrows Directions in RTL Languages
  • [Fixed] Video loaded with “View X New Posts” Not Playing
  • [Fixed] Edit Comment reflected on Replies Bug
  • [Fixed] Adblock Detector
  • [Fixed] Videos
  • [Fixed] Banned.Video Videos
  • [Fixed] Brighteon Videos
  • [Fixed] Mutual Friends Loader
  • [Fixed] User Name on Video/Audio Calls
  • [Fixed] Disabled Countries Issue
  • [Fixed] Minor Bugs

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