Soul Warriors: Heroes War

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Embark on a captivating magic quest in Soul Warrior – Fantasy RPG Adventure: Heroes War, a unique 2D RPG offline game. Choose between Shan and Hina, two brave warriors returning from witch mountain, as they face a new evil threatening to turn the world into darkness. This offline game promises a thrilling kids' adventure with stunning graphics and enchanting music, suitable for all ages.


1. Choice of Heroes:

  • Play as Shan, a skilled swordsman, or Hina, a clever witch.
  • Each character offers a unique gameplay experience, allowing you to choose your favorite hero.

2. Six Different Areas:

  • Conquer challenging areas, including Forest, Freeze, Evil, Lava, Mountain, and Endless.
  • Each area presents distinct challenges and enemies, progressively preparing you for tougher quests.

3. Upgrade Your Warriors:

  • Strengthen Shan and Hina by upgrading their attack, defense, health, mana, and magical powers.
  • Acquire skills like haunting, blaze, and thunder to face more formidable foes.

4. Complete Fighter Quest:

  • Collect items, weapons, and coins as you progress through each magic quest.
  • Utilize collected items, sell them for coins, and purchase vitality, armor, and swords.

5. Run, Jump, Fight:

  • Experience fluid control with intuitively designed buttons for running, jumping, and fighting.
  • Engage in combat with evil creatures using your hero's unique abilities.


  • Regular Version - Unity 2018
  • Updated Version - Unity 2022

Demo Apk:

Download Soul Warrior Demo


Last Update 09-01-2024

  • Updated to Unity 2022
  • Updated Libraries
  • Bug Fixes

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