Stickman Battle: Ragdoll Fight

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Welcome to Stickman Backflip Killer 4! Broken bones games are here!

Destroy stickmans using your parkour skill, weapons, and slow-motion effects! If you like ragdoll games you will be fond of this Stickman Backflip Killer 4!

Upgrade your outfit and parkour skills, and buy weapons to fight stickman. Become a legendary stick man in the world.

Are you looking for a henry stickmin game? Do you want this game to have stickman parkour, dismount, playground elements, and stickman battle? We are here! Our Stickman 4 Ragdoll Fight is just about stickman games fight with broken bones, dismount, and parkour games components.

Features our Stickman Dismount & Broken Bones Games :

  • Realistic active-ragdoll physics in the style people playground
  • Unique ragdoll weapon system for total stickman destruction
  • Slowmotion effects
  • Dynamic gameplay like in real stickman games fight
  • Different game modes
  • Customizable outfit system
  • Upgradable stickman abilities
  • Unbelievable stickman battle
  • No wifi game - our stickman ragdoll & gorebox allows you to play offline, and no need wifi to work
  • Multiple levels - pass them step by step - and become part of the league of stickman
  • Fascinating graphics like in stickman dismount
  • The atmosphere of death, dismount, and gorebox like in the game - people playground
  • Parkour elements

How to play our Stickman Ragdoll:

  • With highly realistic ragdoll physics, the player controls stick man with a Joystick to move and attack the enemy.
  • When the enemy has a weapon, skillfully shoot from the gun before they attack you
  • Avoid zombie stickman attacks! Properly breaking bones will lead you to victory.
  • Fight your rivals and avoid damage.
  • In addition, the player can hit the body parts that were attacked previously to deal more damage.
  • You can upgrade and buy new heroes to increase your power to have the ultimate power and become the champion.
  • Winning combat earns you coins, which you may use to unlock more and more skills & weapons like in all stickman shooting games.

If you are the fun of broken bones games, stickman destruction, and stickman battle - then you need to join io games offline!

Stickman Backflip Killer 4 is a kind of ragdoll game in the style of people playground and stickman dismount. This stickman killer is a sequel to the stickman parkour game series where you have to pass levels and destroy stickmans using your parkour skills and ragdoll fight. Do you want to kill time? Have nothing to do? Our io game is just like that!

Two main .io game modes are presented - Parkour Mode with backflips and Killer Mode with elements ragdoll. You will break bones like in stickman dismount; the only difference is that you break bones of your enemies! In parkour mode - you must reach the finish flag to complete the level with ragdoll physics. In killer, your goal is to destroy all stickmans using stunts and weapons.

Based on a physics-based ragdoll fight, your fighters interact realistically with each other & the environment. Unlike other stickman games, your limbs have a physical presence in the game while still giving your stick man fast responses to your inputs. Imagine that your enemies are stickman zombies - you need to make a stickman battle like in turbo stickman ragdoll playground 2! You can use a stickman gun to kill them!

Virtually relieve stress with active ragdolls! Get ready to wipe out your enemies - zombie stickman and their obstacles with distinctive features. Stickman battle & Broken Bones deserves to be one of the most rewarding stick man games ever.

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Unity 2018 Project

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