Alcana Legend: Story Match 3 Puzzle Game

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Welcome to the amazing world of Alcana! Play "Story of Alcana: Match 3," a game with unsurpassed graphics and an exciting storyline. Restore magical forests and castles, upgrade your fairy-tale creatures, and search for ancient artifacts that will help you solve puzzles!

Your journey will take you through various locations inhabited by fairy-tale creatures and teeming with dangerous mysteries: Enchanted Forest, Burning Lands, Floating Islands, Underwater World, Snow Peaks, Charmed Garden, Forgotten Caves, Other Worlds, and many more. Confront witches, werewolves, trolls, krakens, and dragons. Don’t worry, though! You can strike the right note with everyone, and you might even make friends with them. Characters like a young dragon, a snow yeti, and a time keeper will take your side, providing indispensable help as you complete the game tasks.


  • Unsurpassed graphics and an exciting story with many twists and turns
  • Unique playable characters, each with their own abilities
  • Ability to upgrade characters in exchange for coins
  • Multiple chapters in different styles: from Burning Lands to the land of dragons and Floating Islands
  • Ancient puzzles to find powerful artifacts, each providing invaluable assistance in completing Match-3 game levels


Unity 2022

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