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Embark on an exhilarating adventure in this mobile hypercasual game, where you assume the role of a voracious hole on a mission to gather ammo and defeat a formidable boss. Strategically consume objects, collect ammunition, and prepare for an epic showdown with the boss.


  • Top Trending Game: Engage in a game that's making waves in the gaming community.
  • 50 Levels + Infinite: Progress through 50 challenging levels and encounter infinite randomly generated levels beyond.
  • Fortune Wheel and Rewards: Spin the fortune wheel and earn exciting rewards to aid in your quest.
  • Ad Integration: Unlock power-ups by watching ads and enhance your gameplay experience.
  • Character Skin Shop: Customize your hole with various character skins available in the shop.
  • Easy Reskin: Modify and personalize the game effortlessly to suit your preferences.
  • Admob Banner and Interstitial Ads: Seamlessly integrated ads to enhance monetization.
  • Splash Screen: Capture players' attention with a captivating splash screen.
  • Ready to Publish: All set for publishing your game on your preferred platform.

Package Contents:

  • Complete Unity 2022 source code
  • PSD file for Title
  • Screenshots, Icon, and Banner PNG
  • Figma File (Contains all store graphics)
  • Documentation


Unity 2022.2.19


Last Update 06-06-2023

  • Fixed bomb button functionality
  • Added camera offset feature
  • Rectified overlapping assets
  • Included comprehensive documentation
  • Added 2 additional skins
  • Resolved issues with the game over popup

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