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Embark on an epic superhero journey and defend the city against menacing robot monsters in SuperHero Junior. Transform into a mighty warrior armed with supernatural powers, swords, and guns to combat the forces of evil. Dive into the world of street fighting, hack & slash action RPG, and unleash your superhero potential.


  • Exciting Street Fighting Disciplines: Immerse yourself in thrilling hack & slash action RPG gameplay with diverse street fighting disciplines featuring superheroes.

  • Adorable Side-Scrolling Action: Experience side-scrolling action with charming characters, perfect for fans of superhero cartoons.

  • Classic Strategy and RPG Elements: Engage in a classic strategy and role-playing game with irresistibly cute superheroes as the main characters.

  • Collectible Super Heroes: Gather a formidable lineup of Super Heroes and utilize their unique powers to save the world from impending doom.

  • Monster Wave Challenges: Confront the Monster Wave! Battle through endless waves of monsters, recruit friend’s soldiers, and enhance skills and armies to conquer challenging levels.

  • Diverse Friendly Companions: Team up with 10 friendly types, including super robots, snipers, and artillery. Each companion boasts distinct abilities and powers.

  • Powerful Gear and Upgrades: Attain new powers and gear to enhance your superhero abilities. Engage in intense robot battles and unlock new possibilities.

  • Epic Boss Battles: Face off against super-sized monsters in 90 levels and 8 boss stage battles. Arm yourself with swords and guns to overcome formidable adversaries.

  • Daily Superhero Quests: Play SuperHero Junior every day and unleash your Super Heroes Powers in this free-fighting game designed for street fight and superhero shooting enthusiasts.


  • Regular Version - Unity 2018
  • Updated Version - Unity 2022

Demo Apk:

Download the SuperHero Junior demo and join the action: SuperHero Junior Demo Apk


Last Update 05-01-2024

  • Updated to Unity 2022
  • Minor Bug Fixes

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